Stevie Sightz – Choosing The Higher Path With His Music

There are many directions that music can lead us to.  As talent grows more and more opportunities open.  Some of these roads can lead to some pretty dark roads.  Making the decision to choose a better path even though the fame and fortune may not be as high is a brave choice.  This seems to be the story of Stevie Sightz.


After an interesting ride the Detroit native became a Christian Rap artist with a testimony to share.  Stevie Sightz seemed to be at the turning point in the early 2000’s in the secular music world playing to huge crowds and attracting the A&R reps of labels such as Roc-a-fella Records and “J” Records.  In 2002 he had his calling and chose to follow God and start work on a true Testimonial album.  It took a long while to put together but Stevie’s decision did not waver and his work continued.

Last year the full length album The Witness Stand was finally released to the public. The 13 track record is more than just music to Stevie Sightz.  On “Nothing Can Separate me” a keyboard beat drives the song forward with some vocal effects giving the lyrics even more meaning.  The smooth and sultry feel of “Heaven” has a soulful vibe with Stevie Sightz’ flow yearning for his eventual trip to heaven.  There is a more hip hop taste to “Grown Men Don’t Cry” with sound seeming to come from all angles to fill the speakers with music.  There is a message that pours out from this record and that is exactly what the artist was aiming for.  You can enter more of Stevie Sightz world at:

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