‘Stoned Love’ Offers a Unique Contribution to Post-Alt Rock

It’s a pleasure when people my age are doing inherently cooler things than me. However, that’s not the point of this review. The point of this review is to bring into your life dube, the Canadian indie rockers with a throwback vibe and updated methodology. Their newest single, “Stoned Love,” less than casually stamps a spot on the scene.


Throw out all you know about traditional rock


“Stoned Love” is the first from an EP out later this year. This song could be an instant classic. Here’s why: the rules don’t apply here. The first verse is paced, almost spoken, quiet. The instruments are barely a part of the song, just enough so. The vocals are overtly calm. That intrigued me. For a rock piece, “quiet” and “calm” aren’t really standard vocabular words. Then the chorus starts out of nowhere, and if you’re a 1996-era rock fan, you hear yourself going “Oh, okay.”


The chorus is a powerhouse. Catchy, fearless, does everything tenfold. Impacted with crunchy, gritty vocals that are so familiar to fans of the genre. I love how the punch starts with the lyrics “I wanna have a good time,” because that’s being emulated here in all the rock energy. Immediate head-banger. The instruments come in heavy and don’t lose their adrenaline until the third verse, when the first verse vibes make a short-lived reappearance. Offering a quick chance to catch your breath, maybe a few seconds, then dubé goes all out for the last chorus, adding even more kickass energy and feeling.


Dube captures visually and instrumentally

“Stoned Love” is paired with a wonderful video. Simple. It features just the band playing the song. Amazingly retro. “Just” seems like an understatement, though. Watch this band rock out. They’re dope. Strobe lights find their way in, crashing the party when the chorus starts. They don’t really go away and add a cool element to the straightforward video. “Stoned Love” is a hit, and rightfully so.

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