Sugarlight Crash – Collaboration To Combine Old With New

It does not happen too often but sometimes a band comes right out of the gate with a strong showing.  Much of the group’s development and hard work may have been underground in the trenches where no one would discover them. Then pow, out comes something pretty extraordinary.  This seems to be the case for Sugarlight Crash, our most recent discovery.  

The Los Angeles based band is  fronted by singer/songwriter Michelle Carter.  She has been making music for quite some time, collaborating with all kinds of songwriters to develop different sounds and styles.  Now she has teamed up with Christine Connolly and Kevin Savigar to form Sugarlight Crash.  Together they create a throwback sound to the underground, yet very influential 90’s music of such bands as Massive Attack and Portishead.  With these three talented individuals combined there are big expectations for quality music.

Enjoy the full sonic landscape of Sugarlight Crash

The debut single from Sugarlight Crash is simply called “Sugarlight”.  It opens with a relaxing atmospheric tone to set the mind at ease.  When Michelle’s vocals come in the song is taken to a sultry level of emotion.  The chorus has a dark vibe that conflicts with the light vocals creating an interesting dichotomy.  The soundscape creates a mesmerizing effect on the listener as they become powerless except to wonder where the song will venture next.  This is definitely a great start for Sugarlight Crash and we look forward to hearing more.

You can find more info at:

The song is available for download on iTunes HERE.

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