Supersmall Make Super Impact with Debut LP

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

To say the New York-based band Supersmall — singer-songwriter Colin Dempsey (an Irish native) and drummer Daniela Schiller (who daylights as a neuroscientist) — shines on their first full-length album Silent Moon would be an understatement.

Each track on Silent Moon is better than the last, one breath of fresh air after the next. The EP begins with “A Better Life,” a song that sounds as if The Beatles of 1969 and Jack Johnson melted together. The song flows effortlessly and makes you feel as if you’re riding a wave of calming emotions. With a moderate fast melody and relaxing undertone, it is catchy without being mundane and overdone.

“A Better Life” transitions beautifully into the second track, “Between the Sun and the Candlelight.” This track illustrates another side to the group, channeling the young indie rock of the 1990s. The steady beat and laid back vocals make the listener feel like they are walking through the West Village. On an above average day.

Each of the nine wonderful tracks is truly a gift to those who listen. Listening to the music felt like getting a massage. It would take hours to summarize why each individual track is superb, but they are. My personal favorite track was “Silent Moon,” a perfect combination of the sounds of two of their stronger influences, Pink Floyd and Neil Finn.

Silent Moon is the second production of Supersmall, following their 2013 EP This Other World, and I am hopeful for more to follow. The duo manages to provide a feeling of relief from the stress of the everyday through chords, mellow acoustics, and soft vocals.

If you’re in need of a vacation, or even just a quick break from reality, Silent Moon is the perfect album for you. Listen to the album — and if you love it, buy it — here.

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