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Bask In Some “Sweet Nostalgia” With Hello Kelly

Inspiration can come when you least expect it. In 2012 Francy Goudreault, of Ontario, Canada thought his band Hello Kelly was over. He had spent the last eight years creating a community for fans with the band, but that chapter was closing. Eight years later, 2020 brings a whirlwind of chaos and inspiration to the world. This triggered some sweet nostalgia and reinvigorated Francy’s drive to make music, and thus he rebuilt Hello Kelly.

A new lineup and eight years of life experience has brought Hello Kelly back together to create better music than ever before. This act is hyper-focused and ready to make this next chapter the most thrilling yet. To break their hibernation the band is here to please with their first single back, “Sweet Nostalgia.”

Upon listening to “Sweet Nostalgia” there’s no doubt that Hello Kelly is here to stay. Flexing the fun, synth-rock vibe fans loved from them back in the day but with a more refined and mature sound than before. “Sweet Nostalgia” borders on pop-punk, incorporating heavy-hitting drum lines and funky, thrashing guitar riffs.

“Sweet Nostalgia” is damningly catchy from the start. The song immediately pulls you in with its high-octane pace and dynamic instrumentals. Francy’s powerful vocals match the instrumentals flawlessly, creating a resounding sense of who Hello Kelly is in 2020. And who they are is undoubtedly entertainers set to share their stories with fans.

Eager to hit the road and engage with fans old and new, Hello Kelly is ready to make the most of their return to music once the COVID-19 pandemic has ceased. “Sweet Nostalgia” is the first of a string of singles that are set to release throughout the remainder of the year and into 2021 so you won’t have to wait long for more from this act!

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