Alberta Gives Us A Taste of ‘MMMMM’

Alberta, the chosen name for David Boone’s solo vehicle, will garner a lot of critical notice for the project’s new album MMMMM and, hopefully, translate into commercial success as well. He’s certainly too idiosyncratic for conventional radio play, but the eleven song collection stands as either a fully realized studio recording or the template for a popular […]

Exclusive Live Review

The Wet Secrets, Trevor Anderson & Canadian Dim Sum

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada… This city has bred a fruitful history of genre-bending cult bands dating back to the mid-1980s. Most notably, we can look to legendary punk rockers such as SNFU, as well as the unclassifiable, recently and temporarily reunited, The Smalls. In recent history, we can aim our laser pointers at Albertan sweethearts, The […]