Behind The Song

Behind The Success of The Unlikely Candidates

We have said it time and time again that the most important piece of reaching a successful music career is consistently putting in work towards a big picture plan. Current alt-rock darlings The Unlikely Candidates have been at it since 2008. Their dedication and work ethic has been second to none. Kyle Morris, lead singer […]

Knowledge To Get Known

3 Reasons To Hire A PR Company

-Guest Post by Matt Bacon Every band wants to know – how do I get better reviews and more press? Do I need to hire PR? And this is a great question!  You see – most bands need to be hiring PR – that is to say, someone whose job it is to get them […]


Lean Into The Letter: Lee Penn Sky Guest Post

My new album Lean into the Letter chronicles an amazing journey that started with the discovery of a letter sent in 1958. In 1914 when my Great Grandmother Sadie Friedman was 13, she was put on a ship to the United States alone to live with distant relatives in New York. She left 12 siblings […]