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Kelly’s Lot Brings Folk into the Fold with “Hurricane”

‘Hurricane’ is the latest track from Kelly’s Lot. Inspired by Hurricane Florence, this is one folk track that will stay with you.


The Singer and the Songwriter Go “Anywhere, Everywhere” Together

The Singer and the Songwriter are at it again, making the world a more peaceful place through music. The duo’s new single, “Anywhere, Everywhere,” is an incredibly sweet track about love, life, and embarking on new adventures. “Anywhere, Everywhere” is about their road trip traveling all over the U.S. by car. The Singer and the […]


Matt Deighton and Chris Difford’s, “Kids Steal Feelings”

Matt Deighton is an independent modern-folk artist and he’s merging his talents with esteemed lyricist Chris Difford to produce a long awaited album, Kids Steal Feelings. It’s been a long time coming but finally, the stars have aligned and Deighton can bless us all with yet another work of art. Deighton isn’t new to the […]