Molly Moore Wants You To Hear Her “Voice on the Internet”

Throughout 2020, the concepts of self-love and self-care have become more present in society, including influencers, brands, and music artists. And the practices of self-love and self-care have been adopted by individuals around the world in countless ways. In her new album Voice on the Internet, Molly Moore guides listeners through her own journey of […]

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Molly Moore Shares Positivity With “Handsomer”

The newest music video you need to check out is “Handsomer”. Molly Moore is a pop-singer, songwriter, and producer. She has in the past collaborated with Steve Aoki, EXO, and Jesse McCartney. Her latest release with Maty Noyes is a relatable, reminder that you would want to hear from your BFFS. This post breakup anthem […]