Music as a driving force of your motivation

It is a thing of wonder what listening to a soothing melody can do for a person. A lot of people have testified to being able to get more work accomplished while listening to a song. Playing adrenaline-charged songs like those in the hip-hop and rock genres, can add more sprints to your feet and […]

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How to Stay Motivated While Learning Guitar

Learning the guitar or any musical instrument, especially when it means taking online guitar lessons can be challenging. This is because the time it takes to become a good guitar player varies considerably. What is easy for one person to pick up may be more difficult and time-consuming for someone else. There is also considerable […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Giving Up Your Dream

*Guest post from professional musician and educator Khara Wolf Maybe you have been through everything you have, so you have the strength to endure what is coming next”. These were not the words I wanted to hear at the time. They were spoken to me right after I had just picked up music again after a […]