Jesus Rode a Dinosaur Reinvents the compilation album with ‘Evil, in Diana’

Something that seems to have gone by the wayside over the last few years is the compilation album. Spotify has taken over the playlisting aspect of music. But they often take you in such a strange musical rabbithole that the listener gets lost. Our new friends from the Jesus Rode a Dinosaur record label are […]


Different Playlists for Efficient Lawn Mowing This Spring

The process of mowing your lawn is definitely an interesting one. At the same time, you get an itchy quality and a smell that induces allergies for some — but it’s still an aroma that is quite satisfying for many people. And once the weather becomes compatible with chilling in your yard, doing some work […]

Music You Should Know

6 Music Playlists to Listen to Improve Productivity

You’ve most surely remember someone smart telling you caffeine was doing you no good. Supposedly large amounts of coffee can be harmful to your health. But, what to do when you need to get to work and you’re feeling extra lazy? There is, fortunately, a really easy alternative – music. Having the right playlist on […]