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‘Can’t Take It’ by Sam Hale – IBG Music Video Premiere

We are extremely pleased to premiere the latest music video by the amazing Sam Hale. Get ready for a dark and wild trip with “Can’t Take It” We caught up with Sam to learn the story behind the thought provoking video. Read his description below: The concept of this video revolves around the idea of […]

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IBG Exclusive Premiere of “Deathride” by Würm

Thanksgiving is coming. Which means Black Friday is coming. Which means Record Store Day will be back to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store with some unique vinly pressings available. One such record this year is the Exhumed double LP by classic punk band Würm. And Indie Band Guru has an exclusive […]


FLIGHT BRIGADE Premieres ‘ALLIGATORS’ With Indie Band Guru

There is something infectious about the music that the band Flight Brigade creates. This quality within their sound has won them many fans, especially during their energetic live performances. When they released their debut album, Our Friends Our Enemies, they showed that they meant business, especially with tracks such as “U Kill Me”, “When We […]

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Beatnik Neon “Rides” again with new single

Beatnik Neon is returning to the music scene on November 16th with Rides, their first single since the release of their 2016-17 EP series, Atramentous.  Rides is the debut release for a new incarnation of the band in which the creative talents of founding member Nolan Farmer are joined by those of newcomer Yann Marc […]

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IBG Exclusive Premiere – Jon Pattie ‘Won’t Be Young’

There are so many amazing artists that we meet in our travels through the independent music world. We have had the opportunity to become good friends with some that have all the pieces coming together for them to reach the success they desire. Jon Pattie is one such artist that we will always support as […]

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Exclusive IBG Premiere of ‘Eventually’ by Rob Jamner

We are honored to premiere the brand new single and accompanying music video for “Eventually” by Rob Jamner. He’s gearing up to release a slew of new singles ahead of the Feb 22nd release of his new album, Holding Stones.   The passion for music was instilled in Rob Jamner at an early age. He began with the cello […]

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Exclusive IBG Premiere – Loft Club & Lisa Loeb ‘Flicker’

Networking and making great connections will always help in the career of an independent band surging for success. Our recent discovery The Loft Club has partnered with indie music mainstay Lisa Loeb to release the new co-written single “Flicker.” The video was shot and directed by Alice Deuchar, with animations by band member Jamie Whyte.   They […]

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Whittney Mikkél – IBG Exclusive Premiere of ‘Begin Again’

One of my favorite parts of running a music blog is getting to hear new music before it reaches the public. Discovering great songs before anyone else has always been part of my passion. I know this sounds like music snobbery but I can live with that description of me, lol. That thrill is here […]