The Wrecks Ditch Cuffing Season To “Fvck Somebody”

The Wrecks released their newest single, “Fvck Somebody” on December 6, just in time for the holiday season. We face a barrage of cute couple pics as we scroll through Instagram – looks who’s engaged! Another pose in front of the Christmas tree; ice skating; snuggling up by the fireside for the cold winter months. […]


Amber Run’s Philophobia Delves Deep Into Why We Love To Hate And Love To Fall In Love

The boys of Amber Run have been quite busy on tour for the past ten weeks promoting their newest album, Philophobia. Released September 27 of this year, the album takes its name after Greek origins, meaning the “fear of falling in love or emotional attachment.” With such relatable themes, it’s easy to see why the […]