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Fable Cry Spins Their Web Live @ Pianos

By Liza Jill Meyers of Indie Band Guru Photographed by Steph Brescia of Indie Band Guru Fable Cry is a band possessed — and more demented than the Grimms, if you dare — not by daemons, but by storytellers of old, the kind you find in cloaks in a dark alleyway with spindly fingers. On […]


Fable Cry Video Premier: A Flirt For Your Fears

By Liza Jill Meyers of Indie Band Guru With a meld of metal undertones from the bass, to the bluesy haunting melody of the violin, to the ghoulish grit of the vocals, to the dancing rhythms of the percussion, “Dead or Alive (For Now),” by Fable Cry, leaves you in suspense and flirts with your […]