Terribly Yours Blooms in Debut Album

Every now and then I think, “That’s it. We’ve made all the music. We’ve covered every genre and it will be near-impossible to make anything new sound original.” And repeatedly, artists like Sean Bones disprove me.

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, who previously released two albums under his real name, has taken the moniker Terribly Yours for the new synth-pop project he began in late 2015.

After releasing a handful of singles earlier this year, Bones was ready to share Terribly Yours with the world, dropping his beautifully experimental debut album, A Bloom Beyond, at the end of July.

Terribly Yours Shares Signature Sound

The ten-track LP is tightly packed with familiar musical elements but it transcends genre by fusing them all together to create a completely distinct sound. The album blooms indeed, slowly opening track after track to reveal more complex and varied levels of instrumentation.

The opening track and first single, “Answered Prayers,” is a beautifully layered synth-pop song and a perfect choice to introduce the continually evolving album. Combining delicate keys with distorted guitar plucks, it’s a song Bones never thought would leave the four walls of his basement. In an interview with Stereogum he said, “Here I felt I only had a sound, which I described as ‘terribly mine.’”

In addition to the morphing instrumentation of the album, Bones’ vocals also take on several iterations. He is more subdued than Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz and the Tantrums, but louder than Trevor Powers of Youth Lagoon. At times, he even lets out semi-spoken, almost out of breath sounding notes reminiscent of Lou Reed.

I loved the opening of the third track, “President.” The whimsically rippling synths convey the “new new wave” sound with which Bones has been credited, but as the song progresses, it actually takes on more of a traditional indie rock feel. The twanging guitar and “Nah nah nah’s” of the chorus remind me of “I Think I’m in Love” by Beck.

The album continues to ebb and flow, showcasing the diversity of Terribly Yours. From the electric guitar-led “Barbara” to the bouncing, CHVRCHES-style synths of “See through the Dark,” or the lyric-less composition “Rolling Tumbling,” the album is a kaleidoscope of cascading melodies and instrumental arrangements.

Bones described his experience recording A Bloom Beyond as “sound tracking a movie no one would see.” It’s a personal reflection comprised of distinct, fluttering sounds and ten standout singles that create a cohesive masterpiece. He was wrong about one thing though; you’ll want to see this movie.

You can learn more about Sean Bones and Terribly Yours on his website or download A Bloom Beyond on iTunes.

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