Latest Single From Terry Blade Anything BUT Unlovable

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Terry Blade made sure that his breakthrough into the music industry would be one to be noted. “The Unloveable” is an honest and raw look into the heart of Blade and the core of his true talent. Released on March 27th, 2020, the single amassed over 108,000 downloads within it’s very first week; proving that there’s something special about what Blade has created.

“The Unloveable” is a powerful acoustic number that plays on indie and R&B sounds to make for a wholly unique listening experience. There’s something so immediately relaxing about turning this track on; the gentle strum of the guitar cascading down you. Blade’s warm and smooth voice pairs perfectly with an acoustic guitar, each lyric feeling like warm honey being poured into a hot cup of tea.

“The Unloveable” touches on the real fears associated with finding love and how insignificant loneliness can make you feel. You can feel the insecurity within Blade throughout the single; his emotion playing through every word and strum of the guitar. Blade’s connection to this single is what makes it even more enticing for listeners. His vulnerability within “The Unloveable” is transparent and creates the perfect medium for fans to get a glimpse of who he is as an artist and a person.

This impressive debut has garnished the attention of fans and critics alike, the single even went “Gold” on Gaining traction so quickly, it’s clear that “The Unloveable” is just the beginning for Terry Blade’s career. Following “The Unloveable” Blade’s debut EP, Misery (mastered for headphones) will be released on May 8th, 20.

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