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‘The Lullaby’ by Rose Cousins Will Wake You Up

Rose Cousins’ ‘The Lullaby (My Oldest Love)’ has just arrived on the music scene and is already distinctly in its own category. ‘The Lullaby’ is all at once deeply personal and relatable. Indeed, ‘The Lullaby’ lives up to its name. It has a raw, heartbreaking strength that brings the listener back to the blurry days of our childhood. This is also shown in the accompanying music video for the song.

Cousins’ voice has its own unique tone that enhances the dream-like element of the song. Her voice meshes with her words to make a song that crafts its own lore. ‘The Lullaby’ creates a world within just a few minutes. Cousins is already becoming a popular voice in indie-style music. She has carved out a style all her own that is reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Her music connects a 70’s style with the soft tones of modern pop.

‘The Lullaby’ is a song about how loneliness can creep into a person’s life without us even realizing it. By the time we realize how much we are hurting on our own, it has already become a normal part of our lives. ‘The Lullaby’ is contemplative and serves as a form of meditation as opposed to just a song. ‘The Lullaby’ is not only about how deeply being alone can affect the view we view the world, but it is also a song about finding inner peace.

Instead of focusing on how disappointing it can be to find oneself alone in the world, ‘The Lullaby’ instead finds hope in simply existing. ‘The Lullaby’ makes a listener feel acknowledged in their own struggles with isolation while not shaming them. Instead of Cousins telling the listener to just ‘try harder’ or ‘be happy,’ ‘The Lullaby’ tells the listener that feelings of loneliness are not wrong. They are just a part of life.

Instead of pretending that isolation isn’t going to be a significant aspect of any of our lives, Cousins’ lyrics help us to feel less alone. ‘The Lullaby’ is a stunning new song by Rose Cousins. Her album, Bravado is out now to listen to, buy, and stream.

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One reply on “‘The Lullaby’ by Rose Cousins Will Wake You Up”

One thing I love about music is how we all hear what we need to hear. I also believe a song means something totally different depending on who you ask and even most artists are open to that and hoping for that.

To me this is not about loneliness or a relationship with somebody else. It truly is a meditation. It’s self talk. The oldest love who can hear it all is one’s self.

At the end of a long day where mistakes were made (played it wrong), taking a moment to reflect. Our body (the only one who knows) can give us what we need on our own. Forgiveness, peace, cleansing and direction (intuition).

We let go. (call the fight)

To me the Rose is, and by extension we are, taking a moment to connect with self, asking to let go of all the useless stuff (fear and doubt) being held on to and that give importance to and fill ourselves up with, and to connect with the truth.

This song fills me up. I love the negative space against the haunting piano, the harmonies and of course the lyrics.

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