The Prof. Fuzz 63 Are Back At It Again With Title Track

“On 21 October 1997, The Onion: America’s Finest News Source boldly proclaimed “Owls are Assholes”. I’ve pondered that statement ever since, making mental notes of which owls were cool (Woodsy Owl, employee of the US Forest Service of “Give a Hoot—Don’t Pollute” fame) and those who were in fact assholes (the smug Owl from Winnie the Pooh, and Mr. Owl the Tootsie Pop thief).” The Prof. Fuzz

The Prof. Fuzz 63 are back at it again with another damningly catchy single to melt your mind to. “Owls” is the title track off of their upcoming album that is set to release June 15th with Sister Raygun Records. Out today, June 5th, “Owls” is going to be the next big thing to get stuck in your head.

This fun, upbeat single shows that The Prof. Fuzz 63 still aren’t taking themselves too seriously. Don’t expect to bog your brain with heavy emotions here, just sit back and wiggle a little while you ride onto the back of that asshole owl.

“Owls” has a rockabilly swing to it that aids to the irresistability of the number. The alarmingly catchy chorus is sure to get caught in your head, and if you’re not careful it’ll spread to your friends and children too.

And if the tune doesn’t completely ingrain itself in your head, the music video that accompanies it will. Reminiscent of the popular animated YouTube videos in the early 2000’s like “End of Ze World” the music video for “Owls” features fun and trippy little caricatures of the band and owls throughout.

My biggest takeaway in writing this dumb ditty was that while not all owls are assholes, a lot of people are “THAT owl.” So yeah, it’s more metaphorical than zoological. Feel free to call “THAT guy” an owl next time he makes some self-righteous know-it-all statement on social media. We’ll all know what you mean.” – The Prof. Fuzz

“Owls” is the fun break from reality I needed, and forever shows that The Prof. Fuzz 63 isn’t afraid to not take themselves too seriously. So unwind, bop around, and think about the asshole owls in your life!

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