The Rocketz Launch “Wither”

The Rocketz are keeping the rock in rockabilly. The group thrives off their energetic live performances, centered around the snappy, genre staple tones of the Gretsch guitars endorsed band. Translating stage presence onto studio recordings is something they have had plenty of experience with. On their latest single “Wither” they capture the lightning in a bottle of their live performances, putting their listeners in the audience for this heartbroken crowd-pleaser.

The band has been crafting their unique aesthetic and sound over years of experience making music and playing shows. With a reverence for the tone of classic rockabilly guitar, they play their music with a punk attitude and attire. The band is also surprisingly dynamic, floating between a trio and a four-piece, they might even hand off a guitar to an audience member live. They also drift through different styles, their recent single “Wither” reflective of a more melancholy mood.

“Wither” releases as a part of their new album Lovesick & Heartbroke, where the band leans into a lonesome side of their songwriting. This single is a bluesy song, and a somber tale. All set to the classic rocking rockabilly sound The Rocketz are known for.

The guitars on “Wither” match the feelings on the song. The tone on the Gretsch fills up the track with a bluesy progression. The vocals take on a similar timbre, with a lonesome lead narrating the heartache on this track. This song is meant to chant along to, a lovelorn anthem with the energy of their live shows.

The Rocketz are continuing to define their style with “Wither”. This single offers a look into the live energy that they have built their sound around. Keep up with The Rocketz to see when they are playing live and follow their new releases.

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