The Singer and the Songwriter Go “Anywhere, Everywhere” Together

The Singer and the Songwriter are at it again, making the world a more peaceful place through music. The duo’s new single, “Anywhere, Everywhere,” is an incredibly sweet track about love, life, and embarking on new adventures. “Anywhere, Everywhere” is about their road trip traveling all over the U.S. by car. The Singer and the Songwriter members, Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran, visited 25 states and 79 cities, videotaped all their performances, and turned it into an original music video for “Anywhere, Everywhere.”

The Singer and the Songwriter – “Anywhere, Everywhere”

Garcia’s powerful vocal range and Tran’s modern-folk, melodic guitar perfectly embellish “Anywhere, Everywhere.” The lovely lyrics make the track so sweet to listen to, singing of adventure and big dreams. The track inspires wanderlust to the highest degree. The two spin simple phrases into comforting, inspiring lyrics. The track begins with “We are ready. We’ve got the car packed with dreams.” The two have been on the go, touring the U.S. for the better part of the last year. It seems intimidating, but the comforting lyrics say it all: “Even if it turns out wrong, you are with me all along. Let’s go anywhere and everywhere.”

The Singer and the Songwriter are going in new DIRECTIONS.

Inspiring in the sweetest way, “Anywhere, Everywhere” is definitely a must-listen. Real talent and chemistry between Garcia and Tran form the track into a unique and fun one. Fortunately, there are more songs to listen to in addition to “Anywhere, Everywhere.”

The Singer and the Songwriter released their new EP, DIRECTIONS, October 6. It consists of six equally mesmerizing tracks that showcase the beautifully creative minds of Garcia and Tran. Their recording engineer is actually the same recording engineer for The Head and the Heart, a popular group of the same genre as The Singer and the Songwriter. A lot of skilled professionals put their talent to work to create this album into what it is today. A press release stated that “with this collection, Garcia and Tran set out to create music for “blasting loud in your car with the windows down while singing along at the top of your lungs” – something the duo considers a joyful act of self-care, that can be uplifting, especially in these times of deep political, social and emotional unrest.”

The two have been making music since 2008, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. From Oct. 6 to 25, The Singer and the Songwriter will be touring the U.S., spreading their peaceful and fun music one day at a time.


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