Thom Artway Artfully Crafts New Song and Music Video

With endearing lyrics, memorable melodies, and masterful instrumentalism comes Czech singer/songwriter Thom Artway.


Maintaining a busy summer touring schedule, Artway is set to perform all over the Europe at festivals such as Europe’s largest cultural event, Sziget. After debuting at The Great Escape festival in Europe, Artway has been in high demand and has skyrocketed in popularity.


Artway is to release is sophomore album in the fall of 2018. His debut album, tItled Hedgehog, was released on Warner Music in 2016. Of his new album, single “All I Know” and the accompanying music video have been released internationally. Mastered by engineer John Davis at London’s Metropolis Studios, “All I Know” is the only track released from the new album.


Thom Artway has a way to introspectively reaches his audience with a unique musicianship


“All I Know” begins with a simple guitar line and whimsical Ed Sheeran vocals. As the bridge picks up, the track morphs into an upbeat and summer fueled love story. Speaking of the mystery that surrounds falling in love with someone new and then choosing to walk away, Artway effortlessly reaches his audience with relatable lyrics and musically pleasing melodies.

The music video, featuring Czech rhythm gymnastics superstar Anna Šebková, tells the tale of a young couple who falls in love and eventually decides to call it quits, only to realize that they are still in love with one another a made a mistake. The video surrounds a fake gymnastics competition in which Šebková competes and Artway watches. The music video features Artway singing throughout as the shots cut from him to her to the streets of London to this gymnastics competition. Although the concept is simple, the ending in which both Artway and Šebková rise up through the roof into the sky above themselves, they rise above their differences and realize their love is what is most important.


Thom Artway is a standout in a sea of singer/songwriters. He is bold and steadfast in his sound. Artway relates to his audiences and portrays his musicianship artfully. He has listeners captivated and impatiently waiting for some new music.

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