TIMA Releases “Take Me Out” With Her Mom

Something that I’m sure everyone can appreciate in these crazy times is comedy. Whether it’s a movie, tv show, viral video, or a song, having a comedic element can instantly help brighten spirits. This is something that can be heard in the newest song from TIMA, “Take Me Out ft. Ms. Charlotte.”

If you’re a frequent watcher of Instagram Reels, then you’re probably familiar with the name TIMA. TIMA is a musician, creator, and producer who rose to fame last year with her 16 second Instagram Reels. Singing funny lyrics in front of her keyboard, her videos instantly became viral and have been viewed more than 20 million times.

TIMA has performed at big name venues such as Gramercy Theater, Hammerstein Ballroom and the grounds of Woodstock, has opened for Aaron Carter, and last November was a guest star on The Kelly Clarkson Show.  

“You have made me so happy. Every time I see these videos I laugh. I love that. We need to laugh.” – Kelly Clarkson 

TIMA’s newest song “Take Me Out” will definitely have you laughing. The song is a conversation between a daughter and her mother, where the daughter is complaining about not having been prepared enough for the real world, and the mother is reminding her “I brought you into this world, I’ll take you out”.

The theme of this song is very relatable as the responsibilities of living on your own seem to pile up in the beginning. It was a cool idea to have TIMA’s mother Ms. Charlotte join her on the track as it adds to the comical story of the song and makes it even more relatable.

With the humorous lyrics and the classic R&B sound of “Take Me Out”, I think it’s a unique style that really sets TIMA apart from other current artists. Much like The Star Ledger wrote about TIMA, “she is an artist to watch for in 2021”. 

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