TiRon and Ayomari New Album Release, ‘Wonderful Ego Trip’

As 2017 drags to an icy close, TiRon and Ayomari bring all the heat we need. After a two year hiatus, the duo released the single most inspirational hip-hop album of the year. Wonderful Ego Trip is a shameless exploration of the human psyche and it’s skin-tight grip on our reality. Each song is written from various mental perspectives — and it couldn’t be any more relevant to this country today.

“Our world is ego tripping as a collective right now, and many of the personal hardships in our lives are tied to this egoic state of mind we all operate in.”

Simply put, we’re all shaken up after a seemingly catastrophic chain of events in this country. TiRon and Ayomari are just crazy enough to address them head on. They weave in and out of different mind frames like two fish in a universal stream of consciousness. Together, we journey through conceit, depression and everything between in a dangerous pursuit of self-awareness and enlightenment.

Be sure to get a taste of the full album on Bandcamp.

TiRon and Ayomari are Excitingly Original

TiRon and Ayomari are never afraid to do things differently. They blend spoken word poetry, storytelling and harmony into their own musical Trinity. In many ways, the album is as much spiritual as it is enjoyable. They’ve clearly taken inspiration from hip-hop greats like A Tribe Called Quest, but their work always has a “brand new” feel.

Songs like “Wzup! (ft. Jack Davey)”  really emphasize their versatility. Armed with a traditional drum and bass guitar combo, TiRon and Ayomari mesh Kendrick-esque flows with Mike Tyson punchlines to bridge the gap between spoken word poetry, hip-hop, and an everlasting ego trip.

“I can style, many style, any style, pick a style watch how I switch it now!”

Check out the video for “It’s A Trip”.

Back in Business

I’d say they’re back like they never left. All of their albums have been impressive, but this one’s a knockout punch. Stylistically, conceptually, and musically, TiRon and Ayomari put together an excellent work of art. It’s the kind of album you can’t keep to yourself.

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