Trubdr. Adam Road Releases Uniquely Artsy Single, “Polle”

Trubdr. Adam Road released his second single, “Polle,” off his album Exile From The City. Current leader of the band The Lonely Soul Collective, Adam and the band bring chill, hipster tunes to the soft rock world.

“Polle” fills the big shoes that needed filling proceeding Trubdr. Adam Road’s first single “If God Don’t Follow Me.” That first single gained tremendous popularity after being placed in the T.V. show’s Teen Wolf and The Originals. Both singles have a Mumford and Sons vibe mixed with The Head And The Heart.

Trubdr. Adam Road creates folk vibes along with soft rock and topped off with a little bit of quirkiness, dominating the indie genre.

POLLE by Trubdr. Adam Road

In “Polle,” Trubdr. Adam Road’s raspy, yet powerful voice complements catchy guitar melody’s that you’ll be humming all day long. The single represents how Adam felt being a true NYC band at heart while lost in L.A. during his time as a part of the band City Of The Sun. A press release says “Polle” “represents a snapshot of the whole album’s narrative.” His uniquely artsy style is cleverly portrayed through the one-of-a-kind music video for “Polle,” which you can watch here.

Furthermore, a mixture of video and written lyrics in the music video allows listeners to follow along. The overall message emanates a yearning desire to travel the world. From videos of driving down the free way with his head out the window, to vast, beautiful mountainous landscapes, Adam shows the viewer there is so much of the world out there to be seen. He creates a blissful song, repeating the phrase “you carry on where the wind will take you.” He pairs that with a video of a breath-taking sunset, all the while pleasing the ears with the reoccurring melodic guitar and his strong voice.

Lucky for us, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Trubdr. Adam Road in the future. He has released his upcoming tour dates for June and July of this year. The tour will begin in the U.S. on June 17, and will finish up at the Live At Heart Festival in Sweden, after his European tour.





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