Twin XL shows a different side with “Good (Stripped)”

Los Angeles trio Twin XL is comprised of Cameron Walker-Wright (vocals) and brothers Stephen Gomez (bass) and John Gomez (guitar). The band members each come from different projects and bands, and are a part of similar social circles. They often ran into each other at random gigs throughout the country for years. It wasn’t until in early 2017 at a serendipitous meeting at a LA house party that they decided to try a day in the studio together. And since then has been history. Twin XL was born shortly after.

Twin XL’s music has been featured on film and TV alike such as Disney’s Christopher Robin and ABC’s Lucifer.

The band is currently back with brand-new single, “Good (Stripped).” The single contains upbeat bouncy beats and a catchy and invigorating vibe. The vocals are also equally energized and infectious. The electronic beats undulate with catchy rhythms. The sound is bright and summery with a happening pop rock appeal paired with dreamy layers.

With a real compelling cadence, Twin XL highlights a loud electronica vibe paired with an indie rock appeal. Balanced with memorable melodies, catchy bass lines and shimmering retro synths, “Good (Stripped)” is a captivating pop rock track.

Packed with killer feel-good tunes, Twin XL is a band to look out for. Be sure to stay tuned for new music from the band in the incoming year.

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