Tyler Edwards Releases ‘A Falling Sky’

At the same time grand and humble, the music of Tyler Edwards draws from indie, folk, country, and rock, all to create gorgeous melodies and textures. Edwards anticipates the release of his second solo album, A Falling Sky, set to release on September 30th. His upcoming album adds masterful production to Tyler Edwards’s seasoned songwriting abilities. This project is interesting from every aspect, dense with instrumentation, lyrics both somber and invigorating, all with memorable delivery that leaves a lasting impression.

Tyler Edwards has made a name for himself as the frontman of the South Carolina rock band I Anthem. After moving on to go his own way with his solo music career in Seattle, Edwards released two EPs and independently released his first solo album A Few Good Hearts. With a change of pace and a change of scenery to Nashville, Edwards is set to release his second album A Falling Sky.

Listen To The Single “Highway Dust” Here

The lead single “Highway Dust” serves as a an introduction to this project. A soft acoustic rock track, wide open with space like an expansive highway. The melodies cascade over themselves, the instrumentation sweet and lush with reverb. Edwards vocals show an impressive dichotomy of emotion and restraint.

The second track on A Falling Sky shows off Tyler Edwards songwriting. “Only After” is a country-folk waltz, bringing with it a wide array of instrumentation, piano, violin, and banjo, along with the staple percussion and guitars form an ensemble on this track. Impeccable production brings all these elements through, and don’t impede Edwards delicate emotional delivery.

The song “Heroes” is a change of pace as a more upbeat track. Leaning in to more of the rock side with a groovy acoustic guitar rhythm. Edwards delivery on this track is confident and upfront with some impressive high notes and falsetto on the chorus. Crashing percussion brings some chaos in on the bridge to break up the track.

Closing off this album is the stripped down track “Wishing Well”. Edwards navigates a narrative with clever lyrics that center around the double meaning of the title. Some simple strummed guitar and Edwards vocals form the core of this song, with delicate elements of piano, backing vocals, and guitar that add to the atmosphere.

If you enjoyed Tyler Edwards album A Falling Sky, check out some of his previous work. The 2017 album A Few Good Hearts laid the groundwork sonically and stylistically for Edwards music. Keep up with Tyler Edwards to stay up to date with new releases, and be ready for the release of his new album A Falling Sky on September 30th.

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