Ultra_Eko Shares His ‘Revelation’

Now that we as a world are emerging out of the pandemic fueled lockdown it is time for the artists that used the time properly to share their work. Some excuses will be heard that artists could not focus or things were difficult. But that is the time some of the best music is made. Our friend Ultra_Eko got to work and has the nineteen-track epic Revelation album to show for it.

The South London based indie hip hop artist has been through it all. His turbulent yet interesting life has provided plenty of experiences for Ultra_Eko to turn into song. From bootlegging beer in France, smuggling cigarettes through Europe, working as a professional gambler, running a market stall, his life on the edges has pushed him between addictions and spiritual awakenings. He emerged out the other side as a master storyteller willing to share with all who will listen. The fans have been growing as they relate to what Eko shares.

For this new record Revelation, released on June 25th, Ultra_Eko confronts dark themes with sharp wit, heavy flow, and captivating narratives. As we open with “Dust To Dust” and some spoken word over some classic sounds we learn quickly that we are about to be let in to a personal world. The lockdown in his mind is on full display.

Up From the Ashes With ‘Phoenix Rising’

Starting “Phoenix Rising” with the lyrics ‘full of anger, full of hurt’ dives deeper into this mindset. The flow is dark but strong as we get drawn in to see where the light on the other side will be. The restart is coming. 

The lyrical flow on “Be Like Me” shows off the skill that Ultra_Eko has developed in his rapping. The words come fast and furious but each one has meaning. There is no filler here. The high energy lyrical assault continues on “Fade To Black” but we get a little darker in the sound and the vibe. Producer Subsequel provides his talent to take this to an attention grabbing track that has interesting elements all over the soundscape. The dark sounds continue on “Twisted Fate” and “Bad Egg.”

It is not all personal for Ultra_Eko. We get his take on the struggle of a female trying to make ends meet on “Pretty Girl.” It is a tough world for many out there. We can all see it or pretend that we don’t but it is there. 

On “Medicine” we get some experimental sounds and a truly unique beat. There is no fear on the production side to create something different. We get slowed down on “Messy Thoughts” but the innovative sounds continue to creep from the speakers. Fresh and real. As we reach the closer “Book Of Revelations” Ultra_Eko ties it all together with a track that sums it all up. At 19 tracks this is a long album but it does demand a complete listen to absorb it all.

Keep listening and follow more of the Ultra_Eko journey on his socials:

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Twitter: @ultra_eko

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