Ultraviolence Prove To Be Maniacs

LA duo, Ultraviolence are here to take the summer by storm. Fresh off of the release of three singles throughout 2021, this entertaining pop/hip-hop duo are ready to keep the ball rolling. “Maniac” is their latest release, proving they’re here for a good time.

“Maniac” taps into those self-deprecating feelings of realizing you just may be an a**hole. But “Maniac” turns those negative, heavy emotions and turns them on their side with this fun, upbeat single. There’s hints of pop, hip-hip, and electronic elements throughout this track. That fusion makes this song catchy and impossible not to dance alongside

Fitting the wild nature of “Maniac” the duo teamed up with their producer, Garrett Lodge and director Jeremy Basset, to create a truly out of this world music video to match. In this 6 minute movie-style music video you’ll see BB and Dead (Ultraviolence) acting out and being lewd a**holes. And when hallucinogenics are brought into the mix, the duo and Garrett end up going on a WILD trip.

You can watch the video for “Maniac” below

If the single alone isn’t catchy and addictive enough for you, then you’ll be fully sold after taking the adventure through the music video. Ultraviolence gave fans an entire experience with this release. They went above and beyond to make this release something special, and their hard work shines through. The duo says that there are more singles under their belt to be released, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

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