Vandenborre Blends Genres To Bring Us Something Special

The goal of any musician should be to stand out in the crowd.  We all can copy popular music out there but is that really what our muse wants us to do?  Bringing new and diverse sounds is what we should all be striving for.  Our recent find Vandenborre is doing just that and seems to have hit something special.

The musical project is the brainchild of Singapore raised and London based artist Nicolas Vandenborre.  Even though he is only 19 years old, Nicolas has been delving deep into exotic music and songwriting for years.  After working within a local band, he decided his own songwriting had taken on a mind of its own.  Vandenborre was born.

The sound is a tough one to classify but it lies somewhere in the realm of funk and acoustic with electronica and chillwave touches.  The goal of Vandenborre is to explore the full spectrum of modern music with this original sound.  A diverse group of musicians have been brought in to flesh out the project all coming together to create music that they feel needs to be heard.

The result is Vandenborre’s debut album The Feast Of Worms.  The 10 track record is a varied journey for the mind and ears.  The opener “More Supreme” wakes up the listener with some peppy funk beats.  The smooth vocals of Roland Cruz add another layer of sound.  

The record takes a beautiful turn with “Future Deadly Inhales”.  The meandering melody reaches deep into the soul.  The voice of Jennifer Gullery melts away any remaining barriers with its sultry emotion setting the mind into a state of total relaxation.  The accompanying music video composed of shots taken during a trip around Europe adds a level of eye catching beauty to the track.

The sonic prettiness continues on “Prints (On My Pillow)”.  The way the vocal delivery plays with the rises and falls of the mellow electronic beat is perfect.  Allow your mind to wander to a better place.  The instrumental “White Dwarves or Neutron Stars” shows another side of the Vandenborre sound.  It blends the genre lines again bouncing from chill to electronica to funk.  The production is top notch here as well as each speaker has its turn.  

The title track “The Feast Of Worms” has a darker vibe that creeps into the sonic space.  The funk is there but the other elements of electronica and rock build something even larger than the sum of its parts.  “Promise After Promise” is a more pop friendly indie rock track with emotional energy provided in both the vocals and elegant drum beat.  The album closes with “Always Conquer, Never Divide”.  The over 10 minute epic combines pieces of everything else we heard on the record to one complete piece of art.  There are vocal harmonies that build up an arena sized energy as well as minimalistic electric piano slices that bring the energy to a lull.  The complete journey is wild one that take you everywhere you ever wanted to be.

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