VÉRITÉ Releases Personal Music Video for ‘Nothing’

Catchy pop tracks with music videos that draw you in are the perfect combination. For artist VÉRITÉ, she nailed the combo with her single “Nothing.” The black and white video gives you a personal look at her latest tour.

VÉRITÉ shares personal look into touring with a video for ‘Nothing’

The acclaimed alt-pop artist is giving viewers and fans an up-close-and-personal look at all her favorite moments from her national tour. The black and white video takes you around from pre-show to performance and intimate backstage and traveling moments.
The black and white video feels like every moment is a secret shared between VÉRITÉ and her fans. It feels like you’re there with her — in the crowd, in the van. Wherever she is, you’re there next to her and experiencing it in time with her. The video ties together the want fans have to see behind the scenes of their favorite artists’ lives with artists’ drive to let fans get to know them a little better. She finds that balance in the video perfectly.

“I’m really happy to share this behind the scenes glimpse into this tour,” said VÉRITÉ of the video. “If I’m being honest, this was one of the best tours I’ve ever done. Every show was amazing and I was able to meet so many genuinely engaged and excited people and those feelings were absolutely contagious. I hope you enjoy.”
“Nothing” is off her debut album Somewhere in Between, that catapulted VÉRITÉ towards 150+ million streams on Spotify.
VÉRITÉ is part of Kobalt/AWAL’s “I Am My Own Label” campaign sharing her independent journey. She even penned an insightful essay for Forbes commenting on Spotify and the positive role of streaming services in the music industry.
VÉRITÉ will be performing “Nothing” and more this summer at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest in New York on August 18. Tickets are available now.

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