Vetnough Takes Us Down A Dark Path with ‘Witches’

Music that is referred to as ‘indie’ has become quite a broad description. What constitutes indie? It began as independent music but then collided with the college music sound. This college sound was just as broad as it encompasses pieces of all different genres as long as it was heard in a dorm room. Do not misunderstand. This is NOT a bad thing. Indie music is for all of us to enjoy. In fact, we just discovered the band Vetnough who lets us know they are aiming to redefine the indie genre.

The three-piece indie rock band has been making a name for themselves in Tampa, Florida and now is looking to expand their reach. Vetnough is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Julia Powell, keyboardist Carlos Reyes, and drummer Christina Piasecki. Together their sound brings parts of classic new wave into the modern age with strong lyrics and an elegant alternative rock style. The year 2019 saw two EP releases by the band with a buzz continuing to build for a productive 2020.

‘Witches’ by Vetnough

Off their last EP Tired Sounds, we can take in a good feel of Vetnough with the single “Witches”. A dark vibe builds through the use of imaginative synth sounds and an elegant drum beat that adds suspense. When Julia brings in her dark sultry vocals we are brought into their world. We can only hope they will release us. (Or do we?). Over the 6 minute and 40 second track we go on a full journey down the shadowed path the band has laid out for us. Our ears come out the other side yearning for more.

Keep an eye and ear out for more from Vetnough on their FACEBOOK page.

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