Vinyl Record Collecting Has Come Full Circle

The world of recorded music evolves in a circle, a small black one. Much like the vinyl records that have made a huge resurgence over the past few years. It all began in 1901 when the Victor Company released its Red Seal line, which played 10-inch, 78-rpm records. The technology was bare and they could only play for a few minutes but the seed was planted. You could now enjoy music that was previously recorded in the comfort of your own home.

The 1940’s saw the first Long Play records that could hold 22 1/2 minutes of music per side this was a game changer that saw an explosion of recorded music and artists to record it. With the release of Compact Discs in the 1980’s there was a steady decline in vinyl sales. Online streaming would take it even further away from owning vinyl records. Computer convenience overtook the beauty of listening to music in a warm analog style. The world wanted to move forward with technology but forgot the heart and soul of music.

Luckily today the resurgence has come full circle. Music lovers missed the many aspects of what owning a record collection could be. Streaming is great but the fact of actually owning a physical record brings more to the table. Liner notes, album artwork, and actually showing off a collection. 

Nothing Beats Pink Floyd On Vinyl

For any true music lover it is worth experiencing the sound of music on vinyl. Our friends over at Premier Records have a great library of articles to get your feet wet in record collecting and learn the basics of what it entails. 

The coolness factor of a vinyl collection will never die. Going into the still surviving record stores and flipping through the racks looking for a specific record or even just one that catches your eye is addicting. There’s something to be said for the thrill of finding a rare LP in a random cardboard box and making it your own. In an ADHD world there is not much better than sitting down to listen to a full album start to finish on a turntable over a nice set of speakers. It is a nirvana that has been lost in our modern day world.

Walking into someone’s listening room and seeing a record player setup with a stack of albums gets the heart pumping. Displaying your vinyl is an art in itself. Some amazing displays are out there. For some inspiration for displaying your records or building your own DIY stand have a look HERE.

We would love to see pictures of your listening station set up or hear your stories of finding that perfect vinyl album that you didn’t even know existed. Us passionate music people will always stick together. Please share your experiences with all of us.

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