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VOLK Unleash Their New Single ‘Welcome to Cashville’

It is hard to believe it has been a few years since VOLK released their epic EP Average American Band. Since then, Chris Lowe (vocals, guitar) and Eleot Reich (vocals, drums) have spent most of their time on the road having fun with their music. While they have been touring, they have had the pleasure to open for the likes of Charley Crockett, Diarrhea Planet, Hillbilly Casino and Lincoln Durham.

The duo has been quietly working on new material. Now they are ready to release their first single taken from their upcoming album Cashville. “Welcome to Cashville” is described by the band as “pops the modern music industry square in the face; it’s intentionally over-the-top, fuzzed-out, and bitingly sarcastic. The song rips open with VOLK’s label head harping for gratuitous record sales but quickly accelerates into ZZ/DC driving riffs and thunderous four-on-the-floor beats. The lyrics pay homage to previous middle-finger-in-the-air Rock anthems such as Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take it, while injecting Country-styled wit that cuts like Waylon Jennings’ Are You Sure Hank Done it this Way”.

Watch the Video for “Welcome to Cashville”

“Welcome to Cashville” does not mess about as it bursts into life as soon as you press play. It is like they have released a caged beast. Longtime fans will notice this has a more ferocious type of sound. Usually, they infuse rock n’ roll with blues and Americana. Not this time around, as they have unleashed their inner rock animals with dirty riffs and thunderous drums. 

With the attitude they are projecting with their sound, they need the right words and vocals to match. Let’s talk about the lyrics first as the opening lines reflect a similar story shared by many independent rock musicians. They paint the scene with “It was another gray day in that city of Play / You know them swampies got their heads up the back way. We took our drums and guitar to a damn techno bar / Them kids these days don’t dig swing and sway. Barman said, Excuse me Ma’am, can’t bring that crap around / We traded rock n’ roll for all night DJ’s”.

VOLK are not pulling any punches with ‘Welcome to Cashville’

When the lines “Ooh hoo, Well it’s just like Davey Crockett said / Ooh hoo, You go to hell babe, I’m going to Texas!” we get a sassy vocal delivery by Reich. She has always sounded great throughout previous releases, but this is her at her best. Throughout, there is a playful manner to her tone. It is as if she is enjoying every moment. However, she is not afraid to pack a punch with her voice when required. Talking about vocals with attitude, wait for Lowe’s moment as the song comes to a close. 

“Welcome to Cashville” is a different kind of animal from VOLK. It makes you wonder what Chris Lowe and Eleot Reich have cooked up with their upcoming album Cashville. It is safe to say when it is set free, the world will know about it!

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