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Wasabi Fire Alarm has No ‘Self Doubt’ – Interview

Music is freedom. Our recent find Wasabi Fire Alarm is perfect proof of this. The four-piece band is made up of Sue Egypt on vocals, D.Ni.L* on guitar/keys/backing vocals/production), Mike on drums and Al on bass. The group from York, UK began as a sort of therapy through music and has grown into a powerhouse of support to those that struggle with a host of difficulties.

The latest track “Self Doubt” by Wasabi Fire Alarm modern new wave rock song with elements that keep the listener fully entertained. There is no genre set in stone as the band is free to explore the sounds that feel right.

Lyrically, Sue Egypt shares her energy and past experiences in a way that inspires those who listen. There is a power here that is intoxicating in its own way. “Self Doubt” is accompanied by an intriguing music video as well.



We had a chance to catch up with the band and dive deeper into their story. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, Where did the name Wasabi Fire Alarm come from?

Our guitarist/producer D.Ni.L came up with the name. He had read an article about this award-winning fire alarm a year or so previously and had known it would be a good name. It trips off the tongue nicely, and also, there is something cool about the idea of a silent fire alarm, something that wakes people up who are sleeping that resonates with us about what we hope our music does!


How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is hard to describe because it changes so much from track to track: one minute it is thrashing guitar with piercing female vocals and D.Ni.L wailing in the background– another moment there is a trip-hop vibe. The thing that all the tracks have in common is we like to play around and experiment.


Which artists have had the biggest influence on the band?

In my case, it would be Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Fall, Ornette Coleman … D.Ni.L has been influenced by The Deftones, and Slint … Mike likes a range of stuff including Mathcore, and Al likes funk!


Tell us about the songwriting process for Wasabi Fire Alarm?

We start with a riff from either Al or D.Ni.L and then Mike comes in on the drums. I always come with a few lyrics I have written and start improvising a melody over the top. During a rehearsal, we may have come up with 2 or 3 new ideas. We will jam these again over another couple of rehearsals. Then D.Ni.L puts down a guide track for me to record vocals over, at which point I usually nail a melody. Then everything else is added after. D.Ni.L then finishes the tracks off. The keyboard tracks start a bit differently in that D.Ni.L and myself will chat briefly first about what kind of vibe we want, or whether we want to try a certain time signature, and then he starts off something on the keys and I will start improvising alongside him.


What do you hope to share with your fans through your music?

A love of music, particularly a love of music-making for the sake of it, a drive to be creative and a refusal to be restricted. I guess I want to communicate too with my lyrics, something about the importance of living life to the full.


What advice would you give other bands creating unique music?

Well, we certainly don’t set out to sound unique, just to play whatever comes out. As a group we are really bad at keeping up with what everyone else is doing out there, so not only do we not really care what anyone else is doing, we don’t even know.  This isn’t intentional, it’s just there never seems time to sit down and listen to other stuff although every now and again I have an intense period of listening to all the latest dance and rap, and occasionally find something I like (I was delighted when I found Too Many Zoos and even went to see them which is rare for me).  I would say, just go with your ideas, and forget everyone else. Music is meant to be fun, don’t lose sight of that.


What is next for Wasabi Fire Alarm?

We enjoy rehearsing and recording but aren’t really into performing – so I think it is likely we will carry on and do another album – or perhaps some splinter projects, like an EP that is totally trip-hop, or one that is some kind of weird metal-jazz, and perhaps another that is ballads.

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