We The Kings Make a Refreshing Comeback With a bit of a Newer Sound

We The Kings get sentimental and heartfelt with their sixth album, Six.


The band has been crowdfunded by their fans since Somewhere, Somehow. The band consists of Travis Clark, Coley O’Toole, Charles Trippy, and Danny Duncan. Each album has remained within the pop-punk genre.


“Even If It Kills Me” is the more classic sounding We The Kings song compared to the rest of the album. The guitars have great, energetic moments while Duncan stands out with his drumming. Clark’s vocals seem a little more laid back but still strong enough to make this into an appealing track.


“Alive” strays away a little from the pop-punk sound, however in a great way. This album adds in different elements that haven’t been used much in their previous work. “Alive” is a bit more of a rock song and nowhere near as much production and synths. Clark’s vocals are fun and appealing. The chorus is anthemic and catchy, just like a majority of the songs, but in more of a rocker way.

We The Kings Experiment With New Sounds


We The Kings are known to as that pop-punk band with classics like “Check Yes Juliet”. However, this album experiments with more production and synths.


The song “The Ocean and The Sun” is fun and brighter than most of the tracks. The lively and bouncy instrumentals fill this song with life. Although it sounds like a pretty generic pop song you would hear on the radio, it is obviously extremely appealing.


Trippy does a great job emphasizing his base while O’Toole adds a little more fun and bounce with keys. The song makes you crave the ocean and the sun.

We The Kings Make us Want More


The majority of the album is fun and appealing to a new audience with fun, new sounds. However, there wasn’t as much dynamicity in a couple of the tracks. “Mama Knows Best” and “On My Love” have great concepts lyrically but leave you wanting a bit more.


“On My Love” has a beautiful backstory. Clark learned the phrase from his wife’s family, making the song very meaningful. The song has so much potential. A respectable counterargument is that this track is meant to be simpler and focus on the message.


“Mama Knows Best” has a good amount of production and could’ve really been the liveliest song, and almost electronic sounding one on the album. The band, however, did not build up the song to more than the idea.

It’s still flowy and fun and could easily fall under a list of summer jams.


Overall, the album had great new concepts and some satisfactory older ones. The band keeps their fans happy and seem to truly love what they do. Hopefully they remain enthusiastic and continue to expand on the new ideas introduced in this album.


The band is amazing and has given us some incredibly fun tunes we’ll never forget.


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