Wilmah Asks Us To “Wait Until Tomorrow”

Wilmah has released a new single “Wait Until Tomorrow,” an upbeat alt-pop song that shows off their unique approach to songwriting. The band writes songs that take many different influences, and play with the formula of what a pop song can be. A heavy focus on lyricism is another defining feature of Wilmah’s music, showing their understanding of the material they write about. The band describes their approach as ‘vulnerable existentialism’ which aptly characterizes their sound.

Matt Connolly on vocals and guitar, as well as Will O’Connor on bass make up the band Wilmah. Coming from humble beginnings writing music in bedrooms, the band gained experience playing together. Originally from Buffalo, NY the band has become part of the New York City Scene. Pulling from multiple sources of inspiration, Wilmah has been able to collaborate with other artists such as Sachi DiSerafino of Joy Again. During the pandemic, the band has been working on their songwriting and focused that into their recently released singles.

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“Wait Until Tomorrow” remains a bright and upbeat tune while riding the ups and downs of the rollercoaster of relationships. A catchy guitar hook drives the song through Matt Connolly’s narration with a peppy tone. Some of the creative lyrics on this song really give it character, such as the simile ‘My life is like a doctor’s handwriting, it’s hard to read and often quite frightening’. The chorus on “Wait Until Tomorrow” has a massive sound to it and hits on the emotional notes of the song; the idea of ignorance being bliss is front and center on this track. This single is a radio friendly alt-pop song that blends the happy and sad moments of a relationship into an upbeat alt-pop single.

This single comes out following two of Wilmah’s previous singles which received acclaim and popularity. The indie-pop track of “Television” is a bubbly and danceable synth based track. Socially conscious and intense “Welcome to America” is focused on contemporary issues while paying homage to a more rock focused sound. Wilmah has been able to define their own sound, with upbeat songs and their own brand of lyricism.

“Wait Until Tomorrow” is out now on streaming platforms. Check out Wilmah’s other singles “Television” and “Welcome to America” with music videos up on their YouTube channel. The band is making waves with their alt-pop sound, be sure to look out for them.

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