Wolf and Gilbert Team Up For ‘Froduslent’

Finding other musicians to collaborate with has become so much easier in today’s modern times. Amazing pairings of artists have come together from opposite sides of the globe to create amazing music. Many without ever being in the same room. Our latest collaboration discovery is from Stephen Gilbert and Guilherme Wolf with their new track ‘Froduslent’.

Many musical friendships are made on social media through a shared love for a musical style or just the creation of music in general. Stephen Gilbert (Aka The Peace Accord) from Minnesota, US, and Brazilian DIY artist Guilherme Wolf met on Instagram and realized they had an awful lot in common. After some long conversations about music, the duo decided to see what they could produce as a team. The result is the recently released single “Froduslent”.

The raw power of “Froduslent” grabs the listener right away. Classic punk sounds of Frodus, Fugazi, C.aarmé and The Catheters come to mind but in a modern way. Guitars grind away and drums crash as the raw tone is set. As the vocals come in, we are switched to a more laid back attitude until the screams of the chorus “Don’t Blame It On Me” bring the energy back to full tilt. This is a true mashup where the parts add up to make a greater whole.

Although this is the first song of the partnership, Guilherme and Stephen have promised us more. Our ears will be waiting impatiently till then.

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