Fall in love with “Wondering” by In Lights

Let me just say that I love when a rock band implements somewhat “unusual” instruments within their groups/songs. There’s a certain uniqueness to it that really makes the listening experience different from anything else you’ll hear on the radio.

With that being said, In Lights is a five-piece band from San Jose, California that features two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a violin. If you’re wondering what’s missing here, it’s a vocalist. But let me tell you, it’s not that the vocalist is missing, it’s that a vocalist really isn’t needed. The music that they make is so powerfully beautiful that it doesn’t need words.

Their new track “Wondering” starts off very slowly and peacefully, almost lulling you into a light sleep. Just when you think vocals are going to kick in, they don’t, and that’s okay. You kind of make your own vocals to it simply by feeling the music. There’s so much emotion that’s being conveyed without the use of words, which really creates a truly powerful listening experience.

The genre is most definitely considered rock because the instruments scream true rock music, albeit somewhat alternative. Although it’s not as heavy as some that you have listened to, the style of guitar that kicks in near the end of this track really embodies the rock style perfectly. It’s very mellow, yet it gets kicked up at just the right time. Not only is this track beautiful, it’s art in its simplest form.

Stripping down the track to only feature instruments really lets you get into your own state of mind when listening and create a unique experience for yourself that can be different to everyone that listens. If you feel the sadness in the violin, the intensity of the guitar riffs, or the steadiness of the drumming, almost any emotion can be conveyed with this single, and it’s absolutely perfect.

You’ll probably want to hear this for yourself now, so head on over to their BandCamp page to check it out.

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