Xenia Rubinos, Olga Bell, and MC Sammus Shine in Collaboration ‘Levitating’

Multifaceted single “Levitating” from Xenia Rubinos, Olga Bell, and MC Sammus is a glass of your favorite drink after a long day. Calming, engaging, and capable of creating an exciting buzz in your body.

Xenia Rubinos Brings Layers of Individuality Together

“Levitating” has the type of smooth lyricism and set-up Lauryn Hill perfected in her style of rap. It captivates with an integration of bubbly synth, jazz, and background voice. There’s a cool element of silky vocal skills to add a layer of depth to the instruments. Every instrument speaks on its own while adding a mesmerizing blend to the record.

Xenia Rubinos shares the track with Olga Bell, who took care of the winding instrumentals, and MC Sammus, who tears through the middle of the track with an impactful rap verse about societal differences in accordance to gender and privilege.

The lyricism is important in “Levitating,” for it brings to light what life is like for someone who isn’t a straight white male. Like Queen Latifah and Salt ‘N’ Pepa, this track’s analytical lyrics contribute to its depth. It observes the possible outcomes of speaking your mind. It covers being a part of a progressive movement.

Rubinos then hops in with a bilingual verse that is just as powerful. An absolute joy to listen to. The flow screams “instant hit.”

‘Levitating’ Puts Moments in the Movement

The track offers a unique mix of creative styles. That’s one of the best parts about it — experiencing the results of three different musical minds. My favorite parts of the song are not really part of the song. In the beginning and end, there’s a conversation happening. The three ladies are having a bright conversation about the song, adding another layer of personality.

So many positive vibes are given off with “Levitating,” and the conversation just adds another. You feel as if you’re in the studio with Bell, Rubinos, and Sammus.

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