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EXCLUSIVE PREMIER: Yify Zhang Releases Debut EP ‘Vagrant Bird’

Combining classical compositions and a songwriting style that feels all too personal, Yify Zhang creates a raw, lush sound that feels like SIA, Sara Bareilles, and a romance movie collaborated. With her degree in violin performance from UNC, Yify combines the singer-songwriter lyrical approach with piano on every track layering in different instrumental accompaniment to grow the cinematic music feel.


In her debut EPVagrant Bird, that releases February 16, Yify soul searches to create music that heals and empowers you just through listening, connecting with your emotions in a personal way.


Yify Zhang’s debut EP Vagrant Bird, out February 16, finds the power to heal


Opening with “Come Alive,” the EP quickly comes alive just as the track suggests. With a simple piano melody that continues through the entire song, the track builds with Yify’s voice, a deeper piano bass line, drums entering slow and steady, to a hard to miss bass line, everything intentionally builds on top of each other bringing the track to life. “Come Alive” shows everything Yify can do in one simple track — from her impressive vocals that add dimension and emotion with each word, to the cinematic feeling the track creates.


The title track, “Vagrant Bird,” is an emotional piano-dominated ballad. Yify puts everything out on the line in a raw and open way for listeners to explore. Layering in a string section to amp up the drama, you’re taken into the inside of someone’s world where the numbness, aloneness, and memories are exposed.


“Take A Look” provides perfect closure for the EP. Yify explores all the instrumentation that’s made the soundscape of her EP. The first few seconds of the song, you hear rain setting the mood of looking from the inside out. You can’t help but feel for Yify as she sings out “come take a look, come take a look at me.”


Vagrant Bird is Yify’s debut into the music scene. After spending two years perfecting each track with the help of recording engineer Francisco Botero in G Brooklyn studio, she has perfected three tracks of cathartic pop music. With the help of Jerry Jean on string arrangements and production, Kevin Jacoby on bass guitar, Zach Jones on drums, Brendan Spelt on violin, and Ben Larsen on cello, Yify’s debut is nothing but a flawless performance. Listen below:


You can stream Vagrant Bird Spotify on February 16. Connect with Yify on Facebook and Instagram.

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