‘She’ Helps YIP YOPS Show off Their Talent


Originating from Palm Desert, California, YIP YOPS incorporate the electronic sound into an angsty/alternative style in new single, “She.”


The California band consists of four members: Ison Van Winkle, Ross Murakami, Jacob Gutierrez, and Mari Brossfield. All members are between the ages of 17 and 22. The young band are currently supporting Lauren Ruth Ward on tour.

An Electronic Sound for YIP YOPS


YIP YOPS work with the typical alternative rock sound but also incorporate electronic sounds. This is no exception for the song “She.”


The song is empowering and strong with its lyrics and powerful vocals. Van Winkle’s deep voice of gives it a bit of a darker sound, complimentary to the angst in the song. The male vocals are later accompanied by female harmonies from Mari Brossfield.


“She” begins with distanced vocals and a simple “slapping” sound. After the built up intro, the funkier electronic sound kicks in and the synthesizer and drums make themselves known.


The song is not very guitar heavy, instead being quite drum and synthesizer-driven. The focus on percussion shows off the incredible talent of Murakami. The synthesizer and electronic sound incorporated provides a more unique sound than most alternative tracks.


Overall, it’s an enjoyable song with talented musicians. Knowing the ages of the band members, you may not expect such a sophisticated sound. YIP YOPS prove that talent overpowers the possible obstacle of age.


YIP YOPS Release Song with Versatile Meaning


The lyrics explain who “she” is and give her a sense of empowerment. “She” is strong and knows everything while remaining a mystery.


Although the whole song is about a woman, it is from the point of view of a man. You can still sense the liberation and power of this woman. However, it does not have to be about a random woman. The song can be introspective or about a mysterious person you’ve encountered.


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