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“You Look So Good” To Molly O’Malley

Indie rock artist Molly O’Malley has a new single out September 16, 2020. While past releases from the singer have fallen into the Bedroom Pop category, Molly has a feeling this one may sound a little different to fans.

“I kind of just let my emotions run wild on this one. I wasn’t too worried about fitting into a genre, or what would happen if this release sounded a bit different from the last. I had a lot of emotions brewing inside of me. This song just kind of made them all come to life.”

EP art designed by Molly O’Malley

“You Look So Good describes the feeling of falling in love, marrying together alternative rock and synth pop, to perfectly capture the fun, flirty beginnings of a relationship. Molly’s style of music has been heavily shaped by punk, R&B, and a nostalgia for the sounds of the 80s, and that influence is definitely heard loud and clear in this latest release.

Self describing her music as guitar based indie-pop for people who don’t want to leave their bedrooms Molly has given us music perfect to jam out to while we’re all confined to bedrooms anyways. So shake off the boredom and fall in love with some new music.

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