Zack Landry Asks Us To ‘Hold On’

NOLA award winning Gospel artist Zack Landry drops his newest single, “Hold On”, a powerful and inspiring piece that’s just as commanding as it is energetic and powerful.

The Louisiana native should be no stranger to any fan of Gospel music, and it’s no wonder why. He has an incredible presence, and this is clear on the new single “Hold On,” a powerful song about trying your best to have faith and keep trudging forward through difficulty.

Straight of the gate the track bursts with intensity, spearheaded by Zack’s massive presence that shines through in his vocal delivery. Between the piano, lead guitars and absolutely groovy bassline, there’s so much life in the song that keeps it punching on all cylinders throughout its runtime.

‘Hold On’ with Zack Landry

A few light synths provide more atmosphere to the single, helping the song build up to its invigorating climax. The production and sound mixing is immaculate, with every instrument being clear and clean.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the song is just how seamlessly every single instrument fits together on the track. From the impressive drum work to the wonderfully expressive lead guitar, everything meshes together perfectly.

Zack’s voice is backed by a choir, and it achieves an almost angelic effect as it continues to head towards the song’s rising climax. Zack sings “your breakthrough is coming” with so much presence and heart that it’s hard not to get caught up in the energy and feel good.

Lyrically “Hold On” is also very impressive. The song never strays far from the theme of having faith in God, but at the same time Zack also keeps some focus on our own ability to stay motivated and positive through trying times. It’s an important thing to remember.

Zack Landry himself has been through some rather traumatic events, so we imagine this comes from a place of understanding. He was a witness to the destruction left behind by the events of hurricane Katrina with his family, so it’s great to see how he’s persevered through it all with faith and understanding.

“Hold On” is an empowering piece that’s excellent in almost every regard. Between the layers upon layers of sound, the incredible vocal performance and the inspiring message overlays every moment of the track, it’s definitely one song that nobody should miss out on.

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