Music Marketing Blunders


Seven Internet Marketing Blunders New Bands Should Avoid

Author: Georgina Pearce
If Internet marketing isn’t working well for your band, you may be committing one of these common mistakes.

Not knowing your audience. The key to successful marketing for bands is knowing who your music appeals to and how to reach them online.

Not being market-ready. Before you take your music online, make sure to get plenty of feedback. Play live gigs and gauge the reaction of the crowd.

Building a website that’s too creative. Think easy, fast-loading, and accessible.

[ad#text wrap]Relying exclusively on MySpace. MySpace shouldn’t be the only web presence you have—especially if the majority of your fans aren’t MySpace users.

Failing to add informative metadata info to Mp3 files. Your Mp3 metadata includes the name of the song, album, band, composer, and even album cover art. When somebody downloads your song, the metadata downloads with it. If you make it informative, they’ll remember who you are and that you wrote their new favorite song.

A website that fails to sell. Include blog posts, concert dates, and easy access to Mp3’s. Offer free merchandise with the purchase of a CD. Create urgency with limited-time offers.

Getting discouraged too quickly. It will take time to build an online presence, find the best ways to reach your niche audience, and create a website that sells.

There’s never been a better time to start a band. These days, it’s definitely possible for new bands to sell their music and build a fan base outside of major record labels.

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