What We Offer

Artist Development Management

How To Create A Successful Music Career Step By Step

Free Consultation: Let’s start with a phone call. We like to kick our relationship off with a new artist with a personalized phone call. During that call, we’ll get to know each other and start to discuss your goals and ambitions. This helps us get a better idea of the scope of your project and your needs. 

Become Known, Fast: Branding is just as important as the quality of the tracks you’re cutting. Our in-depth experience and personal knowledge of bands, brands and the music industry will help us develop your unique brand identity. 

Someone To Talk To: Things will go wrong, that’s why we’ll talk every other week.  Your success is our shared mutual success. To help you reach your goals, overcome obstacles, and keep your engine chugging, we’ll reach out twice per month to offer a one-hour expert coaching call. 

Immediate Access To IBG: Text access to the Indie Band Guru team with a response ASAP. We care about your band, your brand, and your unique sound. Things will come at you quickly. That’s why our team will be available to you via text. Every. Single. Day. 

Step By Step Plans: Checklists are a must-have for any marketing project, including YOUR band. We’ll keep you pushing forward with email guidance and actionable checklists and tasks you can follow each week to see more success and get closer to your goals. 

Build Your Network: We will guide you to build a custom database of music industry contacts. It’s no secret that bands that make it know people. Well, we’re here to help make the introduction for you with an industry-best list of contacts that will give you plenty of golden connections. 

What’s your social strategy? IBG provides Social Media planning and strategy for real growth. We’ve been doing this for decades… long before social media was around. We’ll help expand your social strategy using best standards and practices that have provided proven results. 

Explode Your Email List: Many bands aren’t taking advantage of email marketing. It’s a key mistake that we will help you avoid by teaching you how to grow your email list growth and drive your subscribers to support your music career. 

Perform In Front Of Crowds: Making awesome music is lots of fun. But it’s even more fun when you have people to perform it for. That’s where our show and booking tour strategy will help, so you get booked for more big shows, more often. 

Get Your Name Out There: As experienced PR experts, we know what it takes to get your band’s name in the limelight. We’ll help you curate an awesome PR plan that has your name in the music press often and helps you attract more alternate exposure. 

Your Music Needs To Be Heard: Distribution is the key to success in the music industry. Gain placements on Spotify Playlists/College Radio, etc. Using our connections, we’ll help get your songs distributed to major outlets and design a plan to get your music more plays. 

Sponsors Want To Support Great Bands: Getting something for nothing rocks. But finding it can be hard. We’ll use our connections to reach out to key sponsors and try to get you some bling or discounts just for being in a popular band.

We find many artists come to looking for music career guidance and think finding a manager is the answer to all their problems. It is NOT. Most bands are far from ready for a day to day manager yet. 

In today’s music industry, an artist needs to have all their own pieces in place before a manager, booking agent, or label will join in on the party. You must essentially build your own small corporation around your music.

This is where the team at Indie Band Guru comes in. We specialize in helping bands create a roadmap to build their own independent business. Together we develop a step by step plan to reach your goals. You will need to work, but we will be there every step of the way to assist you.

The critical first step to success is building an image that fully captures your individual style and brand. Something that is uniquely you. No formula for success is identical. We carefully and strategically conceptualize a presence that truly reflects you as an artist, including your website, artist bio, social media profiles, press kits, email marketing, and every piece of content out there that leads new fans back to you. 

We hope to be one of the few shining lights guiding independent artists to build a real career without the need for a major label controlling everything you do. Indie Band Guru will present everything you need to know to achieve success on your own terms. 

Your JOB will be to follow the steps of the plan and get all the pieces in place. 

We will NOT do it for you! Experience shows that does NOT work. 

An artist that is willing to put in their time working hard in the trenches will have the potential for long-lasting success. That is what we can build together as a team.

There’s no better time to get started than now. If you have any questions about how it all works, Artist Development pricing, the specifics of your situation, or any other question really, simply CONTACT US

We’ll get back to you ASAP and set up a FREE consultation.  We want to share our passion and knowledge and we really want to see you succeed. Let’s do this!


“Being an independent artist comes with a lot of challenges and it’s extremely helpful to have someone who is honest, realistic, and resourceful. Keith provides you the guidance to pave your way in the music industry. You just have to be willing to work hard & listen!

Stephanie Grace

“Indie Band Guru is by far one of the best indie resources available. From helping keep indie musicians working and motivated to the time they spend creating the memorable review and biography you need, they are a go-to resource for me and my band.”

Onism E.   

What We Offer

Indie Publicity and Public Relations

Our experience running the Indie Band Guru music blog for more than a decade has given us a ton of insight into the process of how artists attempt to get media coverage, placements and publicity. Weeding through hundreds of submissions per day has allowed us to learn the best practices that really work. We also saw some of the worst submissions imaginable.

Also during that time we have built up a large network of bloggers, journalists, and playlist curators that support independent music. These friendships give us a leg up to reach music lovers all over the world.

We know Independent Music Lovers and they know Indie Band Guru.

Helping hard-working artists with great music has been our passion for a long time here at Indie Band Guru. We continue to do this now for select artists with our Indie Publicity and PR services. These artists have what it takes to make an impact on music lovers looking for something new. And we know just how to get the music exposed to those new fans. Experience helps.

We work closely alongside our clients to develop a plan that will properly and uniquely market their music. Crafting artist biographies, press releases, one-sheets, social media posts, and other media assets will set you up to best promote your music to new potential fans and point your career in the direction you want it to go.

For the next step in the IBG Indie Publicity campaign, we will reach out to our strong network of bloggers, journalists, playlist curators, college radio programmers, and other music industry pros to highlight your music and get it the exposure it deserves.

We create amazing PR campaigns for bands. With more than 20 years of experience in music marketing and PR, we know how to make the most of every announcement for your band. The goal of PR is to help keep your name in the limelight while attracting news outlets, interviews, magazines, and other coverage areas to maximize saturation and exposure. 

As part of an IBG PR campaign, you can expect the following: 

  • Set actional goals for your PR campaign. 
  • Help create your personalized publicity plan. 
  • Finalize your image and branding to prepare for the campaign. 
  • Update your band’s bio using our expert roster of music writers. 
  • Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for your band. 
  • Optimize your social media profiles. 
  • Compose professionally written press releases.  
  • Prepare your band’s email pitches (for shows, PR, touring, fans, etc.).
  • Reach out to our extensive network of music journalists. 
  • Reach out to our growing network of Spotify curators. 
  • Reach out to our growing network of College/Online/Indie Radio stations. 
  • Keep you updated along the way with detailed reporting and feedback.

IBG Indie Publicity and PR services are in HIGH demand.

We only work with a few artists at a time.


Working with Indie Band Guru has been such a pleasure. Keith and Sam were not only really helpful with promoting our content, but they were also willing to respond, almost instantly, to any of our questions at any time. It’s clear from working together that Indie Band Guru is in it for You and the Music because they believe in you and actually want you to succeed. Keith became more than just a PR rep but a friend and trusted colleague.

-Jonas Lewis-Anthony of The Wilderness

Indie Band Guru has been an invaluable part of my independent music career! Keith has not only written up positive, supportive reviews and premiers of my music, but he has also helped me to understand the importance of relationship-building and running a PR campaign for my music. He has done so by offering learning resources and opportunities to connect with other bloggers and industry professionals.

– Nashville Singer-Songwriter Jon Pattie

What We Offer

Artist/Band Bios

Indie Band Guru has been around since 2009, helping independent artists and bands with not just the knowledge to get known, but also the content like an artist bio, press releases, and the strategies to get started and moving forward. We’ve worked with both national touring acts as well as artists just starting out.  

Get The Artist Bio You Need To Reach Your Audience

  We can provide you with a high-quality artist bio that will get you noticed. Here is what you get from an Indie Band Guru:  

  • High-quality writing, from professional writers with a combined 15 years in the marketing industry (and a combined 25 years in the music industry)
  • Bio that follows music industry and digital marketing best practices
  • 300+ word piece that can double as an SEO-optimized landing page
  • Blurbs for Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and Instagram
  • Suggestions on how to best use the bio after it’s done (where to post it, how to use it on social media, how to email it to booking agents and other music folks, etc.)

  Your bio will sound powerful and professional, will be immaculately written and edited, will be optimized for maximum findability online, and will be handed back to you within 2 weeks.     Here are some samples of bios we’ve done in the past:

If all this sounds good, just CONTACT us and we will send you our detailed questionnaire to get into your mind as an artist and musician.     Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all.  Indie Band Guru is here to help you reach the success that your hard work deserves.     Looking forward to getting you a powerful bio and working together to help your career.  



“We know coming to IBG for our written publicity assets gives us terrific, believable, and balanced content. When people are finished reading, they are ready to find out more about the band immediately.” 

-Eric Nielsen, Manager – Tough On Fridays (recently signed to  Golden Robot Records)

What We Offer

Music Review Feature

Due to the large volume of requests and e-mails we receive at Indie Band Guru for features, album reviews, and interviews, we are now offering a Music Review Feature service. We will always continue to accept free music submissions but with the horde of music we receive, it is next to impossible to listen to it all.

We decided to offer these sponsored placements as a way to prioritize what we feature as well as try to support our sacrifice and dedication to the indie music community.  We do this as affordable as possible.

Why pay for a Music Review Feature?

We want you to understand that we are listening to independent music each and every day and a huge portion of what we do is solely for our passion for independent music. It seems bands, artists, and musicians who are willing to pay a small fee for a feature placement are proving how serious they are about their music and in fact send us a much better musical product than the average submission we receive. We strive to honor that level of dedication by offering exposure that these hard-working artists deserve.

Independent Music Needs Exposure

Why be featured on the IndieBandGuru website?

Your feature will be on the site forever. This provides the social proof that new listeners want to see. Spreading the link through your channels only adds to the exposure. This will allow you to leverage our hard-earned SEO ranking.

You will be able to use the feature and quotes in your own Press materials and EPKs.  This adds a professional level when approaching venues, labels, publishers, other bloggers, fans, and other important people in the industry. It is very important to have outside opinions about your music. 

We have spent years building our network in the independent music community and we have established many connections that pay close attention to the music we share with them.  Our website visitors, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Instagram followers, will all see your feature, hopefully drawing in some new fans for you.

The Indie Band Guru team is on the Internet every day sharing, networking, and driving traffic to our website. Your review WILL get exposure.

Gain Exposure With A Music Review Feature

Our basic review includes an intro of your band with some background and a few paragraphs about your music and particular songs.  Each 300+ word review is Search Engine Optimized and provides a feature photo and embedded music stream, as well as links back to your website/social media.

Browse HERE to see some past reviews.

Some additional extras we offer are:

  •  Additional reviews on other top-notch music blogs
  • Facebook and Twitter Promotions
  •  Featured Interviews

Album Review Features start at $50 (Single or music video review – $30).

Triple Feature Album Packages on 3 separate music blogs for only $125

 Get in touch NOW and Let’s talk about giving your music the exposure it truly deserves!


Oh my goodness Keith! I literally have tears in my eyes after reading your review!! THANK YOU just isn’t enough!!

I’m absolutely thrilled you enjoyed our work so much. Sending you the BIGGEST hug!! This will be getting shared all over tomorrow!

-Liz Cirelli

Wow – this is really wonderful!  I didn’t expect the personal touch that you’ve given in your review.  I greatly appreciate that who I am and how my identity comes through in the music is such a prominent theme.

I am just thankful that you have such a positive and encouraging view of what I’ve put together here.  You’ve got an excellent ability to tell a person’s story within a tight set of parameters – great work!

Again, many thanks for being so gracious throughout this process.  It probably wouldn’t surprise you if I said that level of professionalism (and, frankly, courtesy) hasn’t been the norm

-Chris Walsh of Soulful Americana