Modern Pop Yndi Shares ‘Noir Brésil’

Franco-Brazilian composer, performer, and producer Yndi recently released her debut album Noir Brésil via Nascimento/Grand Musique Management. Noir Brésil is described as a “modern pop album where Afro-Brazilian percussion meets French and Portuguese poetry to create an immersive soundscape.”

Her opening track “Ailleurs” has a beaudity and soulful sound that fills the listeners ears from all directions. Its incredibly moving and very hard to forget. The instrumentation is simple, yet still conveys a strong emotion to the listener. Her title track “Noir Brésil” has a bit more of a bite to it, which creates even more intensity in the album, and also helps flow one song into another very well. 

Check out her official music video for “Noir Brésil” here!

Both “Amazona” and “O Canto Das Ondas” create beautifully dissonant hormones that really bend the listeners ear in the best way possible. Her next track “Novo Mundo” has a very nostalgic feeling to the song, which put it at the top of my list for favorite tracks. This song has a bit of a modern twist to it, while still staying pretty close to her musical palette, while introducing some interesting chordal changes that bring it from a passive listen to an active one. 

Here’s the music video for “Novo Mundo”

Taking the cake for the darkest track on the album is “Nuit,” and it keeps the listeners on their toes waiting for more. “‘Nuit’ is the darkest track on my album,” Yndi explains, “The music video is not only a love letter to video-games that deeply affected me throughout my life, but also a research on how these games’ aesthetics reveal our basic emotions like fear, curiosity or empathy.”

“Exil” provides a more somber perspective to the album that really herpes round out the diversity of the album as a whole. The chant-like style and the repetitiveness of the song makes it somewhat of a mantra for the album. Something that becomes increasingly obvious is that even when language is a barrier, emotions aren’t, and the emotion that’s conveyed through music will always surpass any language barrier that there may be. 

Yndi’s next track “Dia De Carnaval” brings a softer and more intimate environment to life that really strips the album down to its core meaning, which also prepares for the massive ending that is to come. Her closing track “Eden” gives us one final and powerful vocal performance that really sticks the landing for a phenomenal finish. I love that she decides to keep things pretty stripped down for the ending because it allows for her vocal and lyrical story to shine above all else. 

Noir Brésil is a beautiful collection of songs and stories that Yndi tells so beautifully. It’s culturally stimulating, and does a great job reaching the listeners right off the bat, and I’m super excited for what’s to come next from her!

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James Forest Returns With His New Album ‘All Shades Of Purple’

It has been too long since we’ve had a new collection of songs from James Forest. His last lyrical album was in 2017 with the stunning James Forest and the East Road. Since then, he has released the instrumental albums Music for Films Vol 1 and 2. 

Now, James Forest returns with his new album, All Shades of Purple. It is a collection of songs that yet again showcases his multi-instrumental talents. He uses instruments including guitars, Wurlitzer, Casio SK-1, Moog grandmother, Korg micro-preset, Yamaha cs-5, tape loops and bass pedals. He uses them to weave subtle but captivating layers of music within each song. He has also brought in Sandy Davis (vocals on “Smoke”), David Marchand (pedal steel guitar on “Smoke”), and Brett Lanier (pedal steel guitar on “Days Go By”) to add something different to a few of his tracks.

Forest has gained a reputation for creating music that has a natural and free-flowing manner. His opening track “Lately” is a perfect example of this trait. There are a few seconds of silence before he counts in then his story begins. He does so with the sound of his guitar that performs delicately. It is soothing on the ears. Then, Forest joins in with the opening lines, “Lately, I’ve been alone / Walking on a narrow line / I’ve been alone”. As the song progresses, it is clear to hear how the music moves without any urgency. The words and its soundtrack can breathe, giving it an appealing and captivating quality. 

Listen to “Smoke” off of All Shades of Purple

His gentle guitar style continues into the beautiful “Give Love”. It’s difficult not to get lost within his words. “Moments of Grace” lets the listener enjoy some more of Forest’s great work on his six-string. His fingerpicking style is as soothing as his voice. His fingers dance around the strings to create an enchanting tone. He then adds a psychedelic vibe towards the second half of the track.  It blends with his guitar to create a mood which at times, overshadows his lyrics. It all comes together to the first stand out moment from the album.

Talking of stand out moments, “Smoke” stands tall above the rest. Its intro feels different as he has switched his guitar for keys. Like those before, it flows so effortlessly to set the mood for the song. Soon, Forest joins in with his words, “Firewood smoke dancing in the pines / In the late afternoon light / A little house in the country / A little glass of wine”. 

As the song continues, the listener will notice an additional voice provided by Sandy Davis. Her addition enhances the track further. Especially how their vocals intertwine for the lines “You’re trying to find a home, you’re looking for a job / Just try to take care of the one you love / You gotta find a place to settle down / Baby, you’re still wandering around”. A faultless moment from beginning to end. Following up comes “Someone Like You” and “Born to Die”. Both offer the usual delicate sound but are a little overshadowed by the calibre of songwriting that “Smoke” had to offer. 

All Shades of Purple is an album filled with beautiful layers of music. However, his storytelling quality delivers a lot too. There have been a few songs in which this talent has stood out, “Magic” is another moment that highlights his way with his lyrics. His opening lines paint the scene, “Up all night talking about the end of the world / Waiting for the sunrise and its warm colours”. The detail and emotions he shares have depth and delivered with an honest tone. Sometimes he uses simple words that have more of an impact. No lines show this more than, “In the wide-open somewhere / Our souls will be free / In the wide-open somewhere / No weight, no worries”. 

James Forest has assembled yet another beautiful collection of songs that does not disappoint with ‘All Shades of Purple’

“Days Go By” brings another showcase of his musical talents before the album comes to a close with “Ways Mills”. Like its opening track, “Ways Mills” is yet another perfect representation of the music of James Forest. His fingers dance around his guitar to create yet another mesmerising tone. His vocals are soothing as he shares his words to provoke imagery, especially with lines such as “Country roads and beautiful trees / Time dissolves in the breeze / As the sunset dances in your eyes / The horizon becomes waves of light”. As the song comes to a close, it leaves you relaxed. It is the beautiful nature of the album and another reason why All Shades of Purple is essential listening.


Andy Michaels Bears Soul In Latest Single

Tragedy can often times completely transform peoples’ lives. Those situations can truly make or break a human. Andy Michaels, of Perth, Australia was determined to not let tragedy define his life. After a jarring car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed at 18, Andy picked up a guitar and focused on channeling his pain into music. Now, many years later, Andy has made an entire career of music. He has written, recorded and released more than 120 songs, most of which have received universal critical acclaim and obtained a huge response from listeners around the globe.

COVID-19 slowed touring plans for Michaels, but nothing will stop him from getting quality music to his fans. June 2021 saw the release of the moving single “She Reminds Me Of Beautiful.” Featuring the sultry vocals of Sharon Court, this single stands out among the rest.

Listen to “She Reminds Me Of Beautiful” below

Everything about this track is enchanting and emotional. Sharon and Andy’s vocals mesh together beautifully, dancing together alongside the intriguing and intricate instrumentals. The emotions grow and change throughout the track and the instrumentals lead the way the entire time. The talent Andy possesses shines through brightest with his instrumental layout. He’s seamlessly able to pair instruments together to help make sure his message translates perfectly.

“She Reminds Me Of Beautiful” encapsulates the beauty of family and having children and parents around the world are going to be able to relate to this track. And they’ll be pleased all the while with Michaels’ smooth, contemporary style. Andy Michaels is no stranger to hard work, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Premiere Review

IBG Premiere – Sean Waterman Gives Us All His ‘Devices’

Any musician should always be trying to further their own sound. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes stale very quickly. Not only for the musician but also for the fans they may have picked up along the way. Our new friend Sean Waterman has taken a tried a true genre and brought it to the next level.

Music has been a big part of the Brooklyn, NY born artist’s life for a long time. A flyer for music lessons found its way into a fourth graders book bag setting into motion a passion for song. Guitar playing became as important as eating. This paid off in a talent for Sean Waterman that is undeniable. 

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at age 14, songwriting became a focus. Taking influence from such songwriting legends as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. To further his own unique style, Sean Waterman took the acoustic singer-songwriter sound and added layers on top of it. All while still holding onto the heart and soul of the genre.

Today, June 18th, 2021, IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere the newest album by Sean Waterman, Devices. The 9-track record shows off his growth as a songwriter. Right from the opener “Rules”, we can feel the emotion and delicate care he puts into his songwriting. As the song progresses, layers are added to build a full soundscape not found in the genre very often.

Lyric Video for “Rules” by Sean Waterman

This is taken even further on “Bodies” as synth and drum machine layers are added to create a fully encompassing warmth to the song. Paired with the emotional vocal delivery of Sean Waterman pull the listener in even closer. The title track “Devices” takes this even further with an energy-fueled beat bouncing all over the speakers. Reminiscence of the imagination of Radiohead comes to mind here as the song shows off an experimental touch.

The beauty of “Swerve” brings a soft and cozy sound back. We are deep within Sean Waterman’s grasp now. The feelings are there while the sound of multiple instruments encapsulates the room. This vocal emotion is shown off again on “Don’t Let Me Down.” We are drawn into the story, and the mind, of a songwriter unafraid to share what is in there. Be it with his unique flavor.

As we reach the closer “Flatline” the album is wrapped up well with a warm, yet full sound. The slowed-down tempo gives the listener the time to wind down and accept the journey they have just been taken on. Devices is a complete album in this way in a time when singles have become the norm. This is a record that we will be listening to over and over.

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IBG Interview – 9 Questions With Dom Colizzi

When success comes calling an artist has to keep working hard to stay in the limelight. Our friend Dom Colizzi has been on a real roll with a string of singles and is already back on the road touring to stay in front of his growing fanbase. We had a chance to catch up with the rising singer-songwriter and entrepreneur to get a little deeper into his story. Enjoy the interview:

 Hey Dom!  Congrats on the success of your brand new single, “Demons.” Tell us about it…what has it meant to see some of the chart success you’re enjoying?

Thank you so much! Honestly, it finally gives me the feeling of validation; I feel that I made the right choice sitting in the producer chair and trusting my gut. I knew I loved the song Idin Kain and I were writing, but I took a chance on producing it as well. What’s been really cool is seeing all these new fans from Europe and around the World, not just in the US! This only fuels the flame for me as an Artist to continue to release songs that I love regardless of Genre. I really want to be part of the whole “No Genre” train and just focus on putting out music I’m proud of and let the Fans decide on “what it sounds like.”

If you had the chance to play/record with one of your major influences, who would that be and why?  What would you perform?

I love this question because I’m a believer in manifestation so if we say it enough, it’s gotta happen! Haha my answer will always be Justin Timberlake! I just want to get in the studio and record something completely fresh. I’m a fan of Justin’s song, “Mirrors” so I’d love to sing it with him and put out a record with a similar sound.

How would you describe the perfect song?

This is an extremely complicated question when you’re an Artist, Writer, Producer, and multi-processor haha! There’s no real formula to creating the perfect song. To me, I believe that the hook has to be repetitive and extremely catchy; the verse has to simply tell the story of your concept with a couple interesting lyrics that can impress fellow songwriters; all melodies have to be able to hold their own, meaning they all have the potential to be the “hook” melody; lastly, be very intentional with lyrics, concepts, length of the song, etc, and remove anything that isn’t needed or crowds the mix.

If I scanned your playlists, what would be one artist that I’d be most shocked to see on them?

Ty Dolla $ign with Atlantic Records! He is an incredible Artist and Producer that nails every hook or melody he sings. His voice has such a cool timbre, so I’d really love to do a record with him.

You live in Music City, Nashville.  How did you come to live there? How is it different from anywhere else you’ve lived?

I moved to Nashville in 2014 when things were just beginning to change in the city, especially in Mid Town and Broadway. Randy Jackson recommended that I move there to learn songwriting and producing when I sang for him out in LA, so I followed his advice! Nashville is a great blend of city and country, so growing up in Maine, it’s far easier for me to live there than it was living in LA. Nashville is a “big city with a small town feel.”

Now that COVID is lifting, are there any tour plans?

Absolutely! I’m currently on my “Slowly Tour” all throughout New England. I’m currently working on hosting and promoting my first big music festival as well in my home state. The Red Rum Music Festival will be held at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, September 4th in Augusta, Maine. The plan is to give a huge revival to the city and give local businesses a chance to get involved, and get Artists of local and National recognition to create an all day musical experience for Fans and Festival-goers!

Music Video for ‘Slowly’

Any plans for a music video for “Demons?”

For sure! I’d like to actually put Idin Kain, who cowrote “Demons”, in it! I’d love to give him a chance to act, while also giving Fans an Easter egg once they find out he wrote the song with me. We should be shooting the video in the next month or so.

When can we expect an EP, or maybe a full length?

I’m going to release a few more Singles this year, leading up to an EP. I’d love to release an EP by early 2022 and see how that goes before putting together a full length album. My plan is to get a few more placements in Sync to build recognition and pull in more creators when it comes time for an album. I’d want it to be a collaborative project!

Any closing words for your fans, and our readers?

Thank you so much for all the love and support so far! It means the world to me. Stay tuned on The Red Rum Music Festival in Augusta, Maine! This is my first time taking an Entrepreneurial approach to the show, so I’m excited to see what we can pull together for Fans!

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NoMBe Shares His Heartache With New Video

Have you ever been let down by that special someone? Or through a rough breakup? Some of us have, but one artist shows the extremes of heartbreak in the new video, “This Is Not A Love Song.” Los Angeles-based musician, NoMBe, follows up his 2020 release, CHROMATOPIA, with a video featured on the album. “This Is Not A Love Song” is a hallucinogenic video, viewers will find satirical but comforting.

The critically acclaimed artist has been busy since the release of CHROMATOPIA, but not as busy since his debut in 2018. They Might’ve Even Loved Me is the first album by NoMBe that has caught the ears of 178 million Spotify listeners, some including EA Sports members and Pharrell Williams. Some songs have even landed on television shows such as Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ozark, Shameless, and Ballers. These are just a few accolades the artist has been racking up. NoMBe has also opened shows for Bonobo and alt-j along with performances at SXSW, Lollapalooza, and Bottlerock. If this hasn’t caught your attention, then the “This Is Not A Love Song” video should.

Watch the video for “This Is Not A Love Song” by NoMBe below

“This Is Not A Love Song” is from the recently released album CHROMATOPIA, which questions the judgments we have about love after break-ups. This track contains dream pop, electronic, and soul as ingredients to create the dreamy video NoMBe has released. Depicting himself in the afterlife, a casualty of grief, NoMBe stands somberly between a mirror and the world around. A strong emphasis on misery some may feel, NoMBe exaggerates this feeling with scenes flowing from beachside to forest in the afterlife.

With recognition from Elton John and Rolling Stone Australia, the German-born musician is continuing his path of excellence, stretching his voice to the regular listener. So, if you’re looking for a jam to ease your heartache, “This Is Not A Love Song” should be at top of your list.

Review Video

P.S.Y. Hizzy Starts Us Off With ‘Repentance’

As an artist you have the freedom to create whatever is inside of you. There should be no limits. No need to stay within the styles and genres that are popular. Be bold and create something new. Our recent discovery P.S.Y. Hizzy is doing just that as he launches his musical career.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Christian-Armenian artist is known as Eric in his daily life. As P.S.Y. Hizzy he is now out there creating unique original music for the world to hear. What began as just freestyling at a young age evolved into a passion to make music. As he says, “There’s still a lot of things I want to do in this industry that hasn’t been done yet, at least the style I’m trying to bring forth.”

To start the journey P.S.Y. Hizzy has launched his YouTube channel with his debut single and music video for “Repentance.” The top notch video production grabs attention immediately with amazing visuals and a story to tell. The lyrics come fast and furious with clever rhymes leading the way. An exotic electro beat combines with synths to fill the speakers with sound. 

There is something here that shows signs of great beginnings. P.S.Y. Hizzy promises to keep creating and keep getting better. 

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Snowtown Provides A Somber ‘Happy Birthday’

People can unknowingly have a huge effect on the life of others. This is where it pays to always be the best person you can because your actions, words, and thoughts can be guiding someone else going through a difficult time. This is very prevalent in the story of our latest discovery Snowtown and their new single “Happy Birthday.”

The Salt Lake City, Utah based project is the brainchild of Jesse Garcia. With Snowtown he offers us an emotional alt-rock sound from the darker side. Putting his own life into his music is very relatable to a growing fanbase.

For the single “Happy Birthday” a soft and somber tone is taken as Snowtown reminisces on the significance certain birthdays have played in his life. When he was younger, Jesse dealt with a lot of dark thoughts, one of which being that he should end his life. He decided it would be on his 15th birthday after his party was over and everyone went home. However, one dedicated friend Loü didn’t go home and stayed with him most of the night; unaware of Jesse’s tumultuous inner struggle. In effect, Loü saved Jesse’s life that day. Thus, “Happy Birthday” was born.

The song drifts along in an emotional and subdued tone as the lyrics of Snowtown share the story. An assortment of atmospheric sounds creates a matching soundscape that encapsulates the listener. Many of us have been in similar situations. Hearing Jesse share his feelings and thoughts allows us to know we are not alone. An interesting vocal piece raises some attention to keep the journey going. A perfect song to listen to when we need a reminder to push through.

Find the song on your favorite platform HERE.

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