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P.S.Y. Hizzy Starts Us Off With ‘Repentance’

As an artist you have the freedom to create whatever is inside of you. There should be no limits. No need to stay within the styles and genres that are popular. Be bold and create something new. Our recent discovery P.S.Y. Hizzy is doing just that as he launches his musical career.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Christian-Armenian artist is known as Eric in his daily life. As P.S.Y. Hizzy he is now out there creating unique original music for the world to hear. What began as just freestyling at a young age evolved into a passion to make music. As he says, “There’s still a lot of things I want to do in this industry that hasn’t been done yet, at least the style I’m trying to bring forth.”

To start the journey P.S.Y. Hizzy has launched his YouTube channel with his debut single and music video for “Repentance.” The top notch video production grabs attention immediately with amazing visuals and a story to tell. The lyrics come fast and furious with clever rhymes leading the way. An exotic electro beat combines with synths to fill the speakers with sound. 

There is something here that shows signs of great beginnings. P.S.Y. Hizzy promises to keep creating and keep getting better. 

Keep an eye and ear out for more from P.S.Y. Hizzy on his INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE.

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Cam Rostami Is Making Sure ‘Kids Get Paid”

For an artist with multiple talents, there is no reason to stay within the box that the mainstream Arts industry pushes us towards. Having the ability to create something different and fresh will grab attention. Music fans are always looking for something new and it seems like our recent discovery Cam Rostami has just the thing for them.

The emerging artist began his career as a child actor. This gave Cam Rostami an inside look into how the entertainment industry works. He soon learned how to play piano and guitar and would write music to go along with his films. The passion for music only grew and Cam would move to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the scene. 

Here Cam Rostami developed his own unique sound. Meshing multiple genres with an indie rock feel has garnered him a slew of fans gobbling up his emotion-fueled sound. Comparisons have been made to alternative pop artists such as Joji, Grimes, and Local Natives. The scene is growing and Cam Rostami is on pace to be a major part of it.

The latest single “Kids Get Paid” by Cam Rostami is the next step in his growth. The fresh yet nostalgic track hits hard with a catchy energy that draws you in. The jangly guitar pairs with excellent electronic production to fill the full soundscape. The fun vocal delivery of Cam has an intoxicating style that just pulls the listener into his spell. 

The accompanying music video is just as fun including umbrella hats and jumping around a bounce house. This will be a fun ride for us all.

Keep up with more from Cam Rostami on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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‘Face The Day’ With Neel Cole & Southern St

Blending together different genres has a way of getting new music noticed. Fans of each genre can be drawn into the mashup with an appreciation for the genres that they do not have much experience with. Basically opening up the music space to all. The best music is experiencing new things in sound. Our recent discovery Neel Cole & Southern St seem to be at the forefront of a fresh new sound.

The now full band based out of Austin, Texas was originally a simple solo project of David Neely (aka Neel Cole). Paring with Kenneth Simmons on Bass, and Pedro Duquense on Drums in 2018 the project grew to be called Neel Cole & Southern St. Together they developed a sound that they call ‘Inspirational Texas Grunge.’ Inspirations can be heard from Rock, Grunge, Blues, and Country. And Truly Texas large!

Get Ready For Neel Cole & Southern St.

The development of the unique Texas sound continued to emerge with the addition of Wen Thai Liu on bass. Neel Cole & Southern St are now striving to make 2021 their breakout year with the release of new single “Face The Day.” The track opens with a definite Texas Country sound with guitar and emotional vocals. It soon evolves into an all out grunge rocker with strong drums to pick up the energy. Neel Cole’s vocals match that energy with angst as well. The band’s ability to cover this variety of genres within one song is truly amazing. We even get a fancy guitar solo to round it out. Fans of all these genres can sit back and enjoy. 

Keep with more from Neel Cole & Southern St here: 

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Gigi Vega Asks “Watchu Tryna Do?”

With the speed of how something can go viral, an artist needs to be ready for sudden unforeseen success. Building up a solid foundation for when the views and followers start to come quickly is very important. It seems like our new find GiGi Vega was ready and keeps building with her most recent single and video for “Watchu Tryna Do?”

This emerging artist has built an array of talents. GiGi Vega is a songwriter, singer, and dancer. This has helped her gather a lot of attention since her debut single “Mistletoe Kiss” in December of 2020. The song quickly went viral on TikTok with over 10 million views to date. GiGi has grabbed onto this sudden fame and is providing fans with a stream of great content to keep them coming back. With inspiration from pop star legends such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Britney Spears, the rising star has a blueprint for major success.

On May 9th, GiGi Vega released an amazing lyric and dance music video for her single “Watchu Tryna Do?” It shows off her multi-talents in a way that you just can’t look away from. She was able to work with choreographer Roland Tabor to pair the perfect moves with her song. As the neon lights flash behind her, GiGi Vega’s sultry voice puts some heat in your heart as she is ‘only at the crib for you.’ 

Be sure to keep an eye on what GiGi Vega has in store next on her INSTAGRAM.

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Euphemia Rise Create Art With “Farewell to Greatness”

The Brussels-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet releases new single/music video “Farewell to Greatness” as Euphemia Rise. Their music is described as “dark twisted love songs come in a distinctive style that blends alternative rock with influences from atmospheric, psychedelic and experimental music.”

“Farewell to Greatness” single art

“Farewell to Greatness” has a very dark, but powerful presence about it from the very beginning of the track. There’s this chant-like high energy that surrounds the instrumentation. There’s a darker psychological aspect to the music video, which they also highlight in the music as well. Lankriet does a great job of showing his vulnerable side in the track, which he also brought to the music video.

Photo Credit: Wim Lankriet

Lastly, catch the music video for “Farewell to Greatness right here!

Wim Lankriet is a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and keyboard player. His iconic signature sound is brought to life by “mixing songwriting with influences from cinematic and experimental music.” Be sure to keep up with Euphemia Rise, and be sure to check out the music video for “Farewell to Greatness” as well!


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Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton Videos “Pull Me In” and “Burn It Down”

When a musical collaboration seems to be working you need to keep coming back and working together to see where it can take you. Success breeds more success. Having a trusted collaborator in music help motivate you to keep creating and producing the best sounds you can. Our friends Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton have had their noses to the grindstone putting out a ton of great music together. The train seems to be full steam ahead with a couple more videos and a full-length collaborative album just released.

With seasoned audio engineer and music producer Michael J Foxx using his unique influences from Hip-Hop to R&B to Rock, he is able to create a fresh sound in every track. Originally hailing from Harlem, NYC, USA and now based in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada adds to the diversity of his sound. Adding in some songwriting flair and her sultry vocals lets Sydney Sexton provide another layer to the duo’s tone which allows them to go in whatever direction they see fit.

With their full-length Duality album just released on February 12th, Michael and Sydney also provided some stunning visuals for us to enjoy:

Sydney Sexton – ‘Pull Me In’

Sydney Sexton takes the lead with “Pull Me In” to warm our hearts. The mellow and experimental soundscape lets the vocals act as the focus to carry us away to a warm and cozy spot to relax and enjoy. Soothing sounds seem to come from all angles to keep the listener guessing where it will go next. 

Michael J Foxx – ‘Burn It All’

The energy gets turned up with “Burn It All” by Michael J Foxx.  He lays out his true feeling and past in the lyrics while a popping beat keeps heads bopping along. The flow is smooth as the video bounces around providing an attention keeping sight for the eyes. Audio and visual work in duality to dig us deeper into the music.

The pair have been getting a lot of traction since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and there seems to be no signs of slowing down. Duality is now available through all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.  

Keep up with Michael and Sydney here:
Michael J. Foxx
Sydney Sexton

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Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton Are True ‘Champions’

The passion and determination of certain artists always shines through. Creating meaningful music consistently is not an easy task. But when an artist is willing to put in the hard work and devote their life to the art, it shines through. Our friend Michael J Foxx is one such artist. He has returned to end the year with another inspirational track in “Champion.”

The hip-hop recording artist and producer was born in Harlem, NY. With an early love for music, Michael J Foxx attended NYU to graduate with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production.  He has since resettled in Moncton, N.B., Canada. Here he has drawn supreme talent to his style, most notably Sydney Sexton. Together they have been able to release a string of solid tracks sprinkled with different genres to set themselves on a trajectory towards stardom.

The latest Foxx-Sexton collaboration in the single “Champion.” The smooth background beat is set on the attack with the spitfire verse of Foxx. Sexton comes in for the chorus to bring the track to a new sonic level. Although based in the sports world, “Champion” is an anthem for everyone. As Foxx says “Champions harbor the ability to cope with setbacks and obstacles. They also have the strong will to succeed and overcome any failures that come their way. It is their strong belief in themselves that keeps them mentally adept and resilient.”

A solid music video accompanies the song. It was filmed at Don’t Blink Boxing Gym located in Dieppe NB. Everyone is welcome to be a Champion as long as they are willing to put in the work. By now we all know that Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton have that will.

Continue to keep an eye and ear out for more of them.

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Music You Should Know Recommended by Indie Band Guru Review Video

VALLEY Says It “Sucks To See You Doing Better”

Indie-pop outfit VALLEY have released their six-song EP sucks to see you doing better.

Who Is Valley?

Valley is the newest band out of Toronto you should be paying attention to. Comprised of Rob Atlas, Karah James, Mikey Brandolino, Alex DiMauro – the group have formed an organic buzz through a personal and intimate connection with their fans. That relationship has helped the band generate nearly 54 million streams on Spotify alone. While their breakout single, “There’s Still A Light In The House,” has gathered 16 million streams on its own

Watch The Latest Video…

Rooted in a white-knuckle work ethic, VALLEY tirelessly strives to create juxtaposition. Comprised of four perfectionists going to painstaking efforts to ensure that every note they create can impact a listener and every word they write can positively affect the world, their self-assigned obsessions often leave them feeling paralyzed by the weight of the expectations.

Their Sound…

Their upbeat and sparkling indie-pop hooks, which are built to vibrantly spiral around a listener’s headphones noticeably contrast the deeply-profound emotionally charged lyrical imagery they create. However, despite lingering in conversations about mental health trouble spots, like feelings of hopelessness, dusting off after heartbreak, and feeling insignificance in a digital world, VALLEY have rejected apathy, despair and lethargy, choosing instead to use their music to construct a platform of positivity to help transition through the complexities of young adulthood.

Driven by the complexities of finding stability in a somewhat unsteady world, VALLEY is the first to acknowledge that because life is complicated, so are they.


Motivated by a desire to normalize conversations about raw emotions, the band admits that “sucks to see you doing better was born from our obsession of continuing to raise the bar with honesty and directness in our songs.” They explain, expanding on the direction of the new EP, “sucks to see you doing better really doesn’t have one identity. We wanted it to feel isolated and alone but also like a giant hug when you listen to it in headphones. sucks to see you doing better should remind everyone that we’re going through the same mundane shit and struggling to deal with our day to day emotions whether it’s with ourselves or with other people.” 

It is this vivid irony that actually leads to the beauty of VALLEY. Sure, they think it sucks to see you doing betterbut they’re also doing everything in their power to make sure that you do.