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Omar Bowing Honors ‘Women’ With Powerful Instrumental

A band that aims to share a message with meaning will always stand out. When the goal is not to just chase the popular hot trend and to create music that shares your values with the world it becomes much more powerful. Our friends of Omar Bowing have been doing that for years. They are back now with a message on their new single “Women.”

This is a band we at Indie Band Guru have been following for quite a while. Omar Bowing continues to impress and inspire listeners from around the world with their unique sound. The Austin, Texas based project combines experimental, prog rock, and atmospheric metal to provide something that always catches the ears. The lead instrument guitarvol (guitar-violin combination) will always grab attention but there is so much more to hear from this band and their hard rock based genre. 

The new instrumental single is in honor of International Women’s Day and all the powerful women that have helped push our world forward. The song eases in with a smooth atmospheric backdrop. Before long the power makes itself known with the Omar Bowing efficiency we have all come to know. Sounds come from all angles. Different melodies molding together into one larger than life tapestry of sound. Orchestral and atmospheric combine to tell a complete story without the use of lyrics. But just as powerful.

The paired music video adds another layer to the art of the song with beautiful imagery and powerful female messaging that does its job of inspiring both the listener and the world around us to honor the women in our lives and in our past.

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