Matthew Smith Gives It All On ‘Back To Me’

There are few better ways to dive into your soul than songwriting. This ability to open up your heart and pour it into music is a true gift. And also a real therapy session. Some of the greatest songs ever written come from a place of pain and heartache. Our recent discovery of Matthew Smith only further my belief that sometimes this pain is needed to motivate the muse to create magical music.

Based in Jeju, South Korea, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter makes a point of making the listener feel something with each song. Matthew Smith creates this with his own blend of folk heavy pop sprinkled with a rock energy. Inspired by Iron & Wine, Jimmy Eat World, and Phoebe Bridgers, Matthew Smith aims to either make you sad, smile, or a bit of both. He is willing to put his own personal life and feelings into his songs. This allows the listener to truly relate and become a part of the music. 

Matthew Smith recently released his sophomore album Back To Me to further his musical mission. The 9 track album tells personal stories and struggles of life abroad, lost love, and other moody things that post-hardcore folks talk about. 

Return ‘Back To Me’ With Matthew Smith

Right of the bat Matthew Smith hits us with the title track “Back To Me” and its accompanying music video. The song is about a bad breakup that he did not want to accept but in the end knows he will be in a better place when he does. An elegantly finger plucked guitar presents a beauty that really draws out the feels. The lyrics drip with real emotion allowing us to feel what he is.

“Out Here” lets mellow guitar and vocals lull us into an easy going mood until 30 seconds in when it turns into an all out rocker. The energy pops out of the speakers to get your blood pumping. The emotion remains throughout though. Matthew Smith transitions ito a more mellow atmospheric track with “Song For A Friend.” Multiple instruments mesh together to create a lush backdrop for soaring vocals. Great songwriting paired with great production.

The chugging guitar and hushed vocals of “Watch The Sun” draw the listener in. As the song builds we are deeply entwined and wrapped up into wherever Matthew Smith wants to take us. Whether it be soulful folk or power rock we are here for the ride. 

Sweet elegance returns on “Are You Awake?” letting us ease back into our seats and souls. The closer “Let Me Count The Reasons Why” continues this vibe as we return to just vocals and a plucked acoustic guitar. Emotions will rise just as they are supposed to with great songwriting.

Dive into more of Matthew Smith for yourself HERE.

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