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IBG Premiere – Sean Waterman Gives Us All His ‘Devices’

Any musician should always be trying to further their own sound. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes stale very quickly. Not only for the musician but also for the fans they may have picked up along the way. Our new friend Sean Waterman has taken a tried a true genre and brought it to the next level.

Music has been a big part of the Brooklyn, NY born artist’s life for a long time. A flyer for music lessons found its way into a fourth graders book bag setting into motion a passion for song. Guitar playing became as important as eating. This paid off in a talent for Sean Waterman that is undeniable. 

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at age 14, songwriting became a focus. Taking influence from such songwriting legends as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. To further his own unique style, Sean Waterman took the acoustic singer-songwriter sound and added layers on top of it. All while still holding onto the heart and soul of the genre.

Today, June 18th, 2021, IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere the newest album by Sean Waterman, Devices. The 9-track record shows off his growth as a songwriter. Right from the opener “Rules”, we can feel the emotion and delicate care he puts into his songwriting. As the song progresses, layers are added to build a full soundscape not found in the genre very often.

Lyric Video for “Rules” by Sean Waterman

This is taken even further on “Bodies” as synth and drum machine layers are added to create a fully encompassing warmth to the song. Paired with the emotional vocal delivery of Sean Waterman pull the listener in even closer. The title track “Devices” takes this even further with an energy-fueled beat bouncing all over the speakers. Reminiscence of the imagination of Radiohead comes to mind here as the song shows off an experimental touch.

The beauty of “Swerve” brings a soft and cozy sound back. We are deep within Sean Waterman’s grasp now. The feelings are there while the sound of multiple instruments encapsulates the room. This vocal emotion is shown off again on “Don’t Let Me Down.” We are drawn into the story, and the mind, of a songwriter unafraid to share what is in there. Be it with his unique flavor.

As we reach the closer “Flatline” the album is wrapped up well with a warm, yet full sound. The slowed-down tempo gives the listener the time to wind down and accept the journey they have just been taken on. Devices is a complete album in this way in a time when singles have become the norm. This is a record that we will be listening to over and over.

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P.S.Y. Hizzy Starts Us Off With ‘Repentance’

As an artist you have the freedom to create whatever is inside of you. There should be no limits. No need to stay within the styles and genres that are popular. Be bold and create something new. Our recent discovery P.S.Y. Hizzy is doing just that as he launches his musical career.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Christian-Armenian artist is known as Eric in his daily life. As P.S.Y. Hizzy he is now out there creating unique original music for the world to hear. What began as just freestyling at a young age evolved into a passion to make music. As he says, “There’s still a lot of things I want to do in this industry that hasn’t been done yet, at least the style I’m trying to bring forth.”

To start the journey P.S.Y. Hizzy has launched his YouTube channel with his debut single and music video for “Repentance.” The top notch video production grabs attention immediately with amazing visuals and a story to tell. The lyrics come fast and furious with clever rhymes leading the way. An exotic electro beat combines with synths to fill the speakers with sound. 

There is something here that shows signs of great beginnings. P.S.Y. Hizzy promises to keep creating and keep getting better. 

Keep an eye and ear out for more from P.S.Y. Hizzy on his INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE.


Snowtown Provides A Somber ‘Happy Birthday’

People can unknowingly have a huge effect on the life of others. This is where it pays to always be the best person you can because your actions, words, and thoughts can be guiding someone else going through a difficult time. This is very prevalent in the story of our latest discovery Snowtown and their new single “Happy Birthday.”

The Salt Lake City, Utah based project is the brainchild of Jesse Garcia. With Snowtown he offers us an emotional alt-rock sound from the darker side. Putting his own life into his music is very relatable to a growing fanbase.

For the single “Happy Birthday” a soft and somber tone is taken as Snowtown reminisces on the significance certain birthdays have played in his life. When he was younger, Jesse dealt with a lot of dark thoughts, one of which being that he should end his life. He decided it would be on his 15th birthday after his party was over and everyone went home. However, one dedicated friend Loü didn’t go home and stayed with him most of the night; unaware of Jesse’s tumultuous inner struggle. In effect, Loü saved Jesse’s life that day. Thus, “Happy Birthday” was born.

The song drifts along in an emotional and subdued tone as the lyrics of Snowtown share the story. An assortment of atmospheric sounds creates a matching soundscape that encapsulates the listener. Many of us have been in similar situations. Hearing Jesse share his feelings and thoughts allows us to know we are not alone. An interesting vocal piece raises some attention to keep the journey going. A perfect song to listen to when we need a reminder to push through.

Find the song on your favorite platform HERE.

And follow Snowtown on INSTAGRAM as well.


Zen Archer has Been Making Music ‘In The Meantime…’

A good classic pop-rock sound will always survive. There is something special about that raw rock energy of a couple of guitars, a bass, a drummer, and a strong singer that is always fresh. Keeping it simple and straight ahead while also testing the limits of what these instruments can do. Our new friends from Zen Archer have been around for 30 years and are back to putting out quality albums with their latest In The Meantime...

The Houston-based band is made up of Dan Golvach- lead vocals/guitar, Randy Miller- lead vocals/bass, Steve Wilson- vocals/guitar, Michael Grammar- drums, and additional musicians Bill Berger and Marcus Evans joining the fray where they see fit. The long career of Zen Archer took a break in the ’90s but they have continued to play and record together in different configurations. In the interim, they have released solo albums, won Grammys, and raised families. The allure of being part of a group and creating great rock music is strong and the band came back together to release more music.

The release of In The Meantime… proves that Zen Archer is just as fresh and talented as they were back in their mid 90’s heyday. The 18-track record showcases new material as well as some re-mastered favorites from their long career. Elements from a wide range of legends such as Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Pink Floyd and Crowded House shine through here.

The opener “Hold On To Your Soul” grabs you right away with a grinding guitar and vocals that reach into that soul you are to hold on to. The talent of the musicians on their individual instruments jumps right out as well. This is going to be a fun ride. 

“It’s All Going Down” with Zen Archer

Zen Archer shows off their soft side with their semi-romantic ballad “It’s A Crime.” The punch of the sound is still there but emotions weave their way through as well. Some middle ground is felt on “It’s All Going Down” as the band powers through a blues-rock influenced style with energy coming from all sides of the speakers. Progressive rock creeps in on “Home” with exotic sounds paired with sweet vocals to create something warm, cozy, and fun to listen to. The guitar solo here is exciting too.

The 90’s alt-rock influence can be heard abundantly on “Saturation” and “Grungy” as Zen Archer continues to show off some fantastic range in their sound. While a song like “What Am I Supposed To Do” ties so many genres into one complete track that listeners from all over the musical spectrum can come in and enjoy the mesh of music. The closer “Never Look Back” does the same while allowing the musicians to really stretch their talents with their instruments. This is a great band that we hope continues to put out new music for the world to enjoy.

Keep up with more from Zen Archer HERE and on FACEBOOK.

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Cam Rostami Is Making Sure ‘Kids Get Paid”

For an artist with multiple talents, there is no reason to stay within the box that the mainstream Arts industry pushes us towards. Having the ability to create something different and fresh will grab attention. Music fans are always looking for something new and it seems like our recent discovery Cam Rostami has just the thing for them.

The emerging artist began his career as a child actor. This gave Cam Rostami an inside look into how the entertainment industry works. He soon learned how to play piano and guitar and would write music to go along with his films. The passion for music only grew and Cam would move to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the scene. 

Here Cam Rostami developed his own unique sound. Meshing multiple genres with an indie rock feel has garnered him a slew of fans gobbling up his emotion-fueled sound. Comparisons have been made to alternative pop artists such as Joji, Grimes, and Local Natives. The scene is growing and Cam Rostami is on pace to be a major part of it.

The latest single “Kids Get Paid” by Cam Rostami is the next step in his growth. The fresh yet nostalgic track hits hard with a catchy energy that draws you in. The jangly guitar pairs with excellent electronic production to fill the full soundscape. The fun vocal delivery of Cam has an intoxicating style that just pulls the listener into his spell. 

The accompanying music video is just as fun including umbrella hats and jumping around a bounce house. This will be a fun ride for us all.

Keep up with more from Cam Rostami on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.


Nahoum Hay Dresses Us In His ‘White Robe’

There is plenty of music out there in the mainstream pop world that has nothing behind it but fluff and electronic beats. Then there are the artists that put real meaning and emotion into their songs. Our new discovery Nahoum Hay is of the later variety highlighting this with his newest single and accompanying music video for “White Robe.”

The songwriter and overall artist produces an alternative indie rock sound from his base in Israel. Nahoum Hay has an undeniable talent for pouring real emotion and tackling difficult issues with his music. There is no holding back as he puts it all out there for the world to take in. His debut single “February” dealt with a case of male sexual abuse. A subject that is not brought up very often.

To take his fearless brand to the next level, Nahoum Hay has just released the follow-up “White Robe.” Here he tackles addiction and healing in a semi-romantic way. He describes it as being “bout this love that you will carry to the end of your days, but in practice, it’s a relationship that should have ended a long time ago. It’s about the part of Death that you’ll find in any separation, and about the Rebirthing after it. About the moments of recovery, And about the light that awaits us all at the end of the process.”

The mellow and soothing sound of the instrumentation offers the listener a relaxed vibe. But the lyrics hold no punches as Nahoum Hay pours heart and soul into the vocals. The emotion pours out as the story unfolds. The music video furthers the story with amazing imagery. There is no escape as we hold tight to see where Nahoum will take us from here. The elegant beauty of “White Robe” demands multiple listens (and repeat video watches) to take it all in.

We are excited to see where Nahoum Hay will take us next. Keep up with him on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.


BankFlow Family Spreads Positivity on ‘Music Reborn’

One of the best ways to advance in the music industry is simple collaboration. Sharing your talents with others is what we should always want to do. At the same time, being open to picking up ideas and tips from other musical minds will help your own growth. A great example is our friends from BankFlow Family. Their new album Music Reborn is showing the benefits of collaboration.

The Chicago, Illinois based group consists of rapper Karizmatik, singer Unique Soul, and singer/rapper T Law. In the past, IndieBandGuru has covered the T Law single “Make It Celebrating.” That fun positivity continues in the BankFlow Family Collective. By merging their unique styles something comes together that all people can enjoy. There is a positivity that runs throughout their music that is infectious.

The new Music Reborn record is a monster project consisting of 17 tracks to share something for everyone that is willing to accept positivity. The opener “Until It’s Over” sets the tone for BankFlow Family introducing the members and their motivation to succeed no matter what hurdles they have to bust through. Each member takes a verse to show off their individual talents. Somehow it all comes together effortlessly.

The success mantra “Victorious” lets the group put all their cards on the table. There is nothing that can stop a positive mindset and hard work. BankFlow Family has both in spades. It continues on “Prove Em Wrong” with a darker beat. Here they focus on getting away from the haters and negativity. This is a track for all the hard workers to relate to. Nothing can stop them.

Some romance enters the record with “Loving Me.” A smoothed out beat sits behind some smooth flows. The back and forth male and female voices let the love shine through. The vibe switches up on “Day Of The Reckoning.” The hard beat pairs with an attacking lyrical style that gets heads bopping along. Straight up big time energy.

The pure positivity returns on “Proud” and “Musical Inspiration” even with different sounds to the tracks. The infectious beats are solid as the lyrics bring together the vibes of coming successes. There is no stopping a group that has this mindset.

Keep an eye and an ear out for the BankFlow Family. The community they build will support them well.


And listen to the album on your favorite platform HERE.

Interview Premiere

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Joseph Trem

Your music should be inside of you without any restrictions. Do not let genres or current mainstream music define what you write. By being true to your own sound you will produce your best self and therefore your best music. Our recent find Joseph Trem does just that.

Today IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere his latest single “Getaway”

We had the chance to catch up with Joseph Trem and get a little deeper into his music and artistic journey. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, What drives you to create music?

It usually comes from an overwhelming feeling. It could be rushing adrenaline, or anxiety, or feeling dejected. When I have no words, I go to the piano and just start playing shit. Or sometimes I’ll feel inspired by a record I hear and I’ll start making something because I want to give listeners the same feeling that record gave me. For me, it’s best to create music while I’m working through an intense emotion because then I can gain perspective through the process. If the listener hears that, I’ve reached my goal.

How would you describe the Joseph Trem sound?

A combination of nostalgia and allusion with the current moment. My records have throwback elements, yet they are often vignettes of the here and now. ‘Getaway’ sounds like 2008, ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ sounds like the late 90s and ‘Show Me All Your Moves’ sounds like the early 2000s. My sound is not specific to any decade or year, but it is dedicated to escapism itself.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Taylor Swift, Prince, Michael Jackson. I love pop rule-breakers. The idea of creating something entirely new, something totally innovative is what drives me and what I will continue to strive for. It’s not always about following trends; it can be about taking trends and twisting them. My music is in it’s early stage right now, so it is highly influenced by these artists. I hope to build upon that and make it my own.

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

It’s often a slow process that starts in my backyard and ends in my home studio. Concepts for songs happen randomly for me, so I can be walking around and think of a melody or lyric. If it feels special, I’ll go with it. I construct most songs on the piano, and even as they are tranferred into bigger production I try to maintain the same spirit I felt on the piano. Most songs I make take years to produce because my attention span is zilch, so I get bored with a project easily. But then I’ll go back years later and the magic is recaptured. 

What can you tell us about your newest single “Getaway”?

It’s an upbeat, moody track that sounds like late 2000s, early 2010s pop. It was not inspired by the pandemic, but it does feel like it was made for post-Covid fun. Remember clubs? “Getaway” recaptures the adrenaline we took for granted before 2020, but it does have the residual attitude of quarantine. 

How do you hope to connect with your audience through your music?

I want my audience to relate to my music and to get perspective out of any situation they find themselves. If that means dancing like a maniac through your house when nobody’s home, so be it.

Share some advice for other artists trying to be heard in pop music.

Never be quiet. Your music it your voice and you need to keep using it. Make people pay attention. Make people listen to your voice.

What is next for Joseph Trem?

Many more singles. I promise there will be an album someday because in my opinion albums are the most authentic form of music. But expect different sounds, and expect to have your mind blown.

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